Just a normal day in the life of a directioner...Or is it?(1D fanfic)

This is about four directioners who meet and go on tour with one direction *THERE WILL BE MATURE CONTENT LATER IN THE STORY SO IF YOU DO NOT LIKE MATURE CONTENT THEN DO NOT READ* Thanks, louislover624


3. After the concert!!

Alexis' P.O.V

First Liam called me to him. "Hi sweetheart" "Hi..." I said awkwardly. "What's wrong?" hesaid clearly confused. "I was just so nervous to meet you guys...I didn't want to over-do it.." I said. "SWITCH!" Harry yelled. Then, I found myself with Zayn. He was staring at something in my hand. I was holding a mirror. "Oh here Zayn!" "YAY!" he said and WINKED AT ME!! AHH Zayn Malik just winked at me? "SWITCH!" Louis yelled hyperishly. I then come to Harry as he says "Hi doll" dragging 'doll' outfor a few seconds. "Hi.." I say nervously while looking at the ground. He tilted my chin so that I was looking into his beautiful green eyes.....and his curly brown hair...and his oh so cute smile...STOP! He is Molly's boy!! "SWITCH!" Niall yells. I now approach Louis who is doing an awkward Irish dance. "Ya' know...Niall's the irish one!" "I know I just...". I looked at Niall who's face was now who's cheeks were now a rosy pink color and he was grinning like a total idiot! that's what I love about him he's so...himself! I look back at Louis and see those beautiful blue eyes staring into mine. My heart melts at the sight and I just sheepishly smile at him just as Liam quietly 'yells' "switch!" I shyly walk up to Niall and smile. He's always been my favorite out of the band. "Hi love" I hear him say in his irish accent and he kisses my hand gently. He grabs my hand and leads me backstage and grabs his guitar I blush as he sings.. "you'll never love yourself half as much as I love you....you'll never treat yourself right darling but I want you to...If I let you kn-o-o-ow im here for you..maybe you'll love yourself like I...love...you ohh.". All of a sudden I feel something wrapped around me. I look up to see a muscular chest covered by a blue t-shirt with wet spots. that's when I realize I was crying. "im sorry." I say "don't be sorry...what is your name?" "Alexis." I say proudly. "aww cute now...you come with me" he says smirking.

Audri's P.O.V

So...guess what?!?! we're meeting one direction! I pay hardly any attention until I get to Liam. I walk up and he smiles at me. I cant help but look at the ground. He grabs my hand and brings me backstage and we sit on a couch. "Said id never leave her cause her hands fit like my t-shirt tongue tied over three words,cursed." I cant help but to stare into those chocolate brown eyes. "running over thoughts that make my feet hurt, bodies intertwines with our lips." I look up and see him slowly leaning in for a kiss? oh my.... I close my eyes and I can feel his breath on my lips and suddenly theres a spark and we're kissing.

Molly's P.O.V

Harry Styles...That's all I can think of right now. I walk up and he winks at me...I just smile. He says "hello beautiful" I can feel my face turn bright red and he laughs and grabs my hand. He pulls me in what I think is a closet of some sort. He starts singing his solo "Baby you light up my world like nobody else. The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed" and then I feel his lips crash into mine. I kiss him back and we break apart. He sorta purr-growls and I just say "meow". Then his lips crash into mine again,only to find a knock on the door. "I'm going to kill you Louis" He says and I gasp!

Cameron's P.O.V

Holy crap! Zayn is lookin' mighty fine tonight! I walk up and he pulls me backstage.I ask "where are we going Z? and he says "You'll see now shhhhhh" he says in a whisper. "fine" I say quietly. I open my eyes and I see what seems like a really nice dressing room. I lie on the bed and all of a sudden Zayn pops down on me. I squeal and he makes me shut up by kissing me. After a few seconds we are having a literal make out session. I just go along with it and he says "Cameron?" "yeah Z?" "Can I ask you something?" "Yeah Anything" I say happily."

Hey you guys! sorry for all the cliffhangers and for not updating sooner I have been very busy with school and stuff so hope you don't hate me! :)

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