Niall && Rebecca's Fantacy Love Story <3

Hi! Im Going To Be Writting This Story So If You Didn't nKnow This Stoey Is For My Sister And Shes AMAZAYN! (See what i did there?) Well I Just Wanna Tell Her That I Miss Her And Love Her!!


3. Chapter 3.

   Niall's P.O.V

I saw Rebecca's face drop when i came in."Niall what are you doing here i thought you were in tour?" she said while comming to hugg me but i gave her something unexpected. A kiss.She Smiled through the kiss. It was full of passion


"Uhm..... Remember the surprise i had for you?" i asked her. "Yeah why?" she replied confused."Yeah well im taking you out tonight at 7:45 so be ready." whith that being said she took my hand and took me down-stairs with her sister. We reached the bottom of the stairs and Rebecca started talking"Ruth this is Niall and these are his band-mates Louis-Liam-Zayn and Harry" She said while pointing to each of them. "Oh This is Niall the guy you wouldn't shut-up about?" she said and that made me blush a lot im as red as a tomato. "Ruth!!" Rebecca said giving Ruth the death glare.

I thought it was so cute the way Rebecca was blushing.

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