Niall && Rebecca's Fantacy Love Story <3

Hi! Im Going To Be Writting This Story So If You Didn't nKnow This Stoey Is For My Sister And Shes AMAZAYN! (See what i did there?) Well I Just Wanna Tell Her That I Miss Her And Love Her!!


2. Chapter 2.

Ruth's P.O.V

Omg hes in a band?!?! I liked uhm excuse me LOVE boys who can sing ! "Really?!" "Yeah hes coming like in 2 months because i want him to meet the fam." She said "Why so long?" i ask "He has a tour that they have to practice in California" I am happy for her. But i really want to meet this guy Niall. He seem nice but i learned not to trust anyone too fast especially after "Chris". But im sure not all guys are like that right?!?.


Niall's P.O.V

The boys and i are headed back to England because management got confused on the date we go on tour next month. This means I get to surprise Rebecca i know where she lives because when we were texting she had told me her address so that when i was back from tour i can go and vist her. Liam has been helping me a lot with advise and stuff. But dont get me wrong the other boys help me as well but Liam is the most seriouse one. We got a taxi and drove away. Once we got we got to her drive way i told the boys to be cool. i got out the taxi followed by the boys and knocked on the door to see this girl im guessing that it was Rebeccas sister? She looked exactly like she described her.Long hair dyed light brown well it wasn't long it was just at the end of her back." Hello is Rebecca there?" I say as she opens the door and gives me a quick glance."Yeah shes up in her room. Go up the stairs and it'll be the 3rd door on the left." i was going up the stairs while saying "Thank you" The boys followed me as i reach Rebecca's room door.I open it and.............

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