Niall && Rebecca's Fantacy Love Story <3

Hi! Im Going To Be Writting This Story So If You Didn't nKnow This Stoey Is For My Sister And Shes AMAZAYN! (See what i did there?) Well I Just Wanna Tell Her That I Miss Her And Love Her!!


1. Chapter 1.

Ruth's P.O.V

"Ruth Give Me Back My Phoooooone" My sister Rebecca yelled at me while tackling me on my bed from chasing me.As you can see i took her phone because I have seen her texting this person for quite a while. "Can I read it please?" I say as she slowly starts getting of of me while im still suffering with the pain."In one condition" She sais with an evil face. "You have to clean my room and do my bed for 2 weeks" She sais smiling."Okaii Fine Just Let Me Reaad the msg". She puts in the password on her phone and gives it to me



From Niall: your hair today was flawless :) xx.

To Niall: Thanks But that Kiss thought :) <3

From Niall:I know cant wait to see you again :/

To Niall: I know!! I will miss you especially because today you left to your tour :(

From Niall: Once i get back TRUST me I will have a surpprise for you <3 ! xx.

To Niall: ??? SURPPRISE EH?? I cant wait but I already know its going to be great :)

From Niall: Soon xx.

"Aww Rebecca who is he?" I asked with my eyes full of exitement "I met him at the bakery... well heres the story. I went to go get a cake at the bakery down the street because mum had told us when i was in the store i ordered a cofee since it was freezing out.Then i was checking my phone when i bumped into someone it was Niall he said sorry then he put something in my pocket i opened it and i was his number so then we started texting and yeah.." She said probably smiling the whole time. I wanna meet him!" i say all exited "Oh and did i mention he's in a band? and YES he does have band mates and they're cute too the band name is one direction...............



Hey !!:) .


i love you all for reading this story but comment of how im doing or even ideas for the story....

~Ruffles xx.

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