Can't lose you

16 year old Sophie's life has never been easy, with her mom dying when she was young to living in a shitty orphanage. When she escapes one night Harry finds her roaming the streets. When he takes her under his wing she begins to fall in love with him. But soon, secrets unravel that could jeopardize there entire relationship.


9. Unbreakable Love Chain <3

i just met you this i know
but our conversation has a joyous flow
you speak your mind
and i'll speak mine
where have you been my long lonely life
your smile brightens my day
as i hang on every word you say
you make me laugh and that's hard to do
considering i barley know you
we are both shy but that's okay
it will eventually fade one of these days
i round the corner praying to see your face
i smile when i see you shy away
i just met you this i know
but it doesn't seem to show
in the way you laugh
the way you smile
the way you make waiting for you worth while


I sit on my bed using Harry's computer. I can't believe i actually love him, i mean we just met? It feels like its been forever. Is curly beautiful green eyes..his smile... i shake my head and return my attention to the computer. I go to Youtube and type in One Direction. A shit load of links pop up, i click on a song called 'What makes you beautiful'. They sound so good. No wonder there famous. I didn't really believe him. When Harry's part came on i couldn't help smiling.


Baby you light up my world like nobody else,

The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed,


But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell


Just then my door opens and Harry pokes his head through smiling.


"So listening to the boys and me eh?" He teases.


I blush and shut the laptop, "You guys are really good, and some of your fans are crazy."


"Its cuz My crazy good looks." he murmurs nudging his head against my neck.


I laugh and spin around straddling Harry's waist. I lean forward and give him a quick kiss leaning my forward on his. He brushes my hair behind my ear,


"Your so beautiful." He murmurs. I frown and sit up.


"Why do you always say that." i ask

"Because its true love." he says with a confused look.

"How do i know you not just saying that?'

He leans forward and whispers in my ear,

"Im one of the most famous teenager in the world and can get anyone i want, instead i choose a beautiful orphan who showed up at my door like a gift. You complete me Sophie."


I didnt really know what to say to that so i started playing with the hem of his tee-shirt. I change the subject,

"When are the boys flying down?" i ask


He sighs and rolls onto his back next to me, "Tomorrow night." I nod and stare at the ceiling


"Can't wait to meet them."

He smiles at me, "you'll like them, there very funny and kind hearted."


"How come you guys arn't together? Like your at home and not being famous and stuff."

"My mum," He says, "she missed me so much...she went into depression." He gazes out the window and continues.

"I decided to come home last month to comfort her. I don't get to see her very often due to the tour and fame and what not. Its actually very nice and peaceful being home. But i do love the stage and the boys are like family."

I nod and try to imagine what its like. 


"I wouldn't really know..The only person i can miss being away from is you." I roll over and lay my head on his chest.

e grabs me and cradles me in his arms, I curl up into a ball on his lap and lay my head on his shoulder. Just then, I hear the approaching on the stairs.


"Harry! Sophie!" i hear


"Mums home harry says excitement in his eyes. he really does miss his mum, how sweet.


I climb off so he can see his mum. She opens the door and he jumps up to hug her. Must be nice.. Having  mum to love..or any family to love that is...


"Sophie!" Anne says giving me a squeeze.


"how were you guys?" he asks


"Great." Me and harry say together.


"Lets go eat dinner." she says, "I brought Baker's its downstairs.


me and harry make our way out hand in hand. 


You look at me, 
and kiss my cheek.
You hold my hand,
and hold it tight.

I speak to you,
and say it slow.
I hold on to you,
and never let go.

You caress my skin,
and touch so soft.
You caught my heart,
and held onto it.

I touch your face,
and kiss your lips.
I tell you one more time,
and kiss once again.

Your heart beats
up against mine.
My soul buries
into your body.

Love fought through,
and made it to us.
We made it this far,
and we're not giving up.

You're the air I breath,
and the blood that runs my veins.
You're the words I speak,
and my unbreakable love chain.

Nothing could break it,
and could rip it apart.
For it is held together
by two beating hearts.

For no one is worthy,
or good enough to make us fade.
They can try all they want,
but they won't tear apart our
Unbreakable love chain.
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