Can't lose you

16 year old Sophie's life has never been easy, with her mom dying when she was young to living in a shitty orphanage. When she escapes one night Harry finds her roaming the streets. When he takes her under his wing she begins to fall in love with him. But soon, secrets unravel that could jeopardize there entire relationship.


6. Stay In Your Arms

I wake up in Harry's arms. I inhale deeply the smell of him and snuggle into his arms. I peek up to his face his eyes still closed. He looks so beautiful I never want this moment to end. I close my eyes and fall back to sleep


"Morning beautiful."

My eyes flutter open and get a surprise  peck on my cheek I smile and sit up facing Harry.  He tucks my hair behind my ear and kisses me
Softly. I blush and look down.


My stomach growls answering his question. We both laugh and start getting up.

"Ill meet you down there. " I tell him heading to the bathroom.

"Kay. " he says walking downstairs.

I go into the bathroom and brush the knots out of my hair. I put the brush away and search for a toothbrush to use. I find one still packaged. I open it up and brush my teeth. I wash up my face and hands and leave the bathroom.

As I go down the staircase I smell eggs and bacon. I see Harry in front of the stove. I sneak up behind him and cover his eyes. He turns around and pecks me on the cheek. I giggle and sit on the counter watching him cook.

" You like eggs right. " he asks realizing he forgot to ask.

"Actually no I said," i lied "their disgusting"

He stops moving and looks at the pan disappointed

I start giggling and he realizes I'm joking an gives me a shove.

"Not funny!" He giggles scooping the eggs on two plates and setting them on the table. He helps me off the counter and we start eating.

"What do you want to do today?" I ask

"We never did go swimming last night he says smiling.

"Deal." I said smiling

"Wait I don't have a swim suit!" I said. I realized I didn't have ANY clothes.

"Oh yeah! I forget to tell you my mum checked your size and went out and got you clothes. There all in your closet. "

I feel bad, like I've taken advantage of them.  He seems to read my expression.

"It's fine really it's nothing. "

It kind of makes me feel better. I feel as if i feel as if I have to repay them somehow.

"Let me at least get a job. " I plead

Harry frowns, "but if you get a job ill miss you. " he says grabbing my hand and kissing my fingers. It sends a shiver down my spine.  He tilts my chin up and kisses me softly. I wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him back. He trails his hand down my arm leaving a trail of fire.  He pulls back and puts his forehead against mine.

"Better go put our suits on love." He says with a wink. I nod and unravel my arms from his neck. We head upstairs and go into our rooms.

I easily find the closet. I open the doors and gasp. It was like the size of a bedroom. Along the left side of the whole wall was two rows of shirts and dresses. I looked throughout them, there was so many!

On the right sight was shelves from the floor to the ceiling  the had neatly folded jeans, shorts, and capris. On the far wall was a black dresser containing very lacy underwear and bras. I picked up a thong and imagined the pain. I put it away and found what I was looking for. There was about ten swimsuits in there. I chose a pretty abstract bikini, put it on, and head outback to meet Harry.

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