Can't lose you

16 year old Sophie's life has never been easy, with her mom dying when she was young to living in a shitty orphanage. When she escapes one night Harry finds her roaming the streets. When he takes her under his wing she begins to fall in love with him. But soon, secrets unravel that could jeopardize there entire relationship.


2. On my own

As the days pass it just gets worse and worse. I can't handle getting in trouble so much! And half the time I don't even do anything!

 This time I disrespected mika during dinner. So for a punishment I'm pulling weeds.  In the DARK. I'm having a hard time considering I can't even see the weeds.

"This sucks." I say to my self.

I look up at the stars seeing the Little Dipper reminds me of my mom. We used to sit outside for hours making up stories about the constellations. The Little Dipper was her favorite. As tears start forming in my eyes
I go back to work. Ripping the weeds up, well I think there weeds, it's so dark I'm not sure if there weeds or flowers.

Not caring if I got all the weeds or not I dump the bucket of assorted plants  in the trash and head inside. I start walking up the stairs, desperately needing a shower.

"Where are you going missy?" I hear behind me.  I turn around.

"Going up stairs what does it look like?" I snap.  She slaps me across my face.

I gasp. "You bitch!" I regret the words as soon as they come out. She grabs my arm and drags me down stairs, I struggle but she's twice my size. She shoves me out back.

"You ungrateful bitch!" She says through her teeth, " I've taken you into my home and you have been nothing but trouble! How dare you disrespect me like that! You can sleep out side tonight. "

"What!" I argue, "you can't do that ill call my soc-" she cuts me off by shutting the door in my face and locking it.  I stand there for a couple minutes in disbelief.

 I can't believe her! She can't make me sleep outside...well she shouldn't. If I had a phone I would call my social worker and report this. But all that would do is get me thrown into another home.

I go sit down in the lawn chair staring up at the sky. I should leave. Just go right now and don't come back. But where could I go? I had no money and no family or friends to stay with. I could go to a homeless shelter? But that's just dirty. What if people come looking for me? What will I do then? I guess anything is better then here... Ill wing it.

I take one last look at 'my home' and make my decision. I walk to the fence and start climbing over it. I realize this is my first time ever hopping a fence and catch my foot at the top. I slam into the grass on the other side my hands braking my fall. I dust myself off and start walking. I don't know where, I don't know how long but I kept walking through the rain untill the sun was about to rise. I sat down in a ditch In front of some rich houses laying my head on my knees exhausted. I struggle to hold my eyelids open and within five minutes I pass out.

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