Can't lose you

16 year old Sophie's life has never been easy, with her mom dying when she was young to living in a shitty orphanage. When she escapes one night Harry finds her roaming the streets. When he takes her under his wing she begins to fall in love with him. But soon, secrets unravel that could jeopardize there entire relationship.


1. Living through hell


I wake up to the sound of yelling. 

"Wake up ladies!" Screams mika.

 I groan and cover my face with my pillow, wanting to go back to sleep to dream again. I rarely see my mom in a dream, and when I do I never want it to end.  It's been seven years since my mom died, I never knew my father. This is the third orphanage ive been to, the worst one yet. 
"I said GET UP." Mika said yanking the pillow off my face, interrupting my thoughts. 

"Calm down I'm getting up." I mumbled 

"What was that Miss Thorn?" She said through clenched teeth. 

"Good Morning Mrs. Samuel..."  I respond getting up. 

"Make your bed then come downstairs Sophia, I have some chores for you since you decided to sleep in. " she said her back to me. 
I glared at her as she left to downstairs. 

It was a small orphanage, I've been a this one for about three months and refused to make any friends. I prefer to stay too myself. There was about eight other girls living here and I know some of the names.

 As the girls  got ready for the day I made my bed, threw my hair in a bun, and headed downstairs to face hell. 


I actually quite enjoyed doing chores, they calm me and allow me to think. But I would never tell mika that. My "terrible" chore was folding the laundry. I was pretty used to it though, I got punished a lot here. 

"Breakfast ladies!" Miss Samuel yelled upstairs.

 I folded the last of the clothes and headed to the kitchen. I pulled out a chair and sat down at the table. 

"Did you finish the laundry?" She asked as the girls filed down the stairs. 

"Yes Mrs Samuel." I answered in a dead voice. 

She nodded and set the food on the table. We all started grabbing our servings. As they all chattered I picked at my eggs in silence. 

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