Can't lose you

16 year old Sophie's life has never been easy, with her mom dying when she was young to living in a shitty orphanage. When she escapes one night Harry finds her roaming the streets. When he takes her under his wing she begins to fall in love with him. But soon, secrets unravel that could jeopardize there entire relationship.


4. Getting the hang of things

After I showered I put on the clothes and went downstairs. I was wearing blue skinny jeans and a royal blue sweatshirt.

"Hey sweetie!"  Anne says smiling.

"Hey, thanks for everything I really appreciate it." I say

" Awe," she comes and gives me a hug, "no problem honey anything to help."

I let go tears filling in my eyes. I dry them up before anyone notices.

"Harry will be downstairs any second you can watch tv if you'd like."

"Okay thanks."  I walk over to the living room. There's a large brown couch in the shape of a U. I sit and grab the remote. I havnt watched tv since before my mom died,seven years ago. Holy crap. I was nine years old. I stop thinking about it to prevent the tears forming in my eyes. I scan through the channels and find Finding Nemo. Memories start flooding as Harry approaches me.

"How ya doing?" He says hopping over the couch sitting next to me.

"Pretty good, I havnt seen this movie since I was like eight." I say as he scoots closer.

He puts his arm around me and I stiffen up. He notices me blushing and grins

We were about halfway through the movie when Anne  comes downstairs.  She smiles at the sight of me and Harry and my face is burning up.

"I'm going on business tonight. "

"When will you be back?"asks Harry

"Tomorrow night, will you to be okay alone?" She asks eyeing us both.

I start blushing. Me and Harry alone!  I've only known him since this morning but it feels like I've known him forever.

"We'll be fine." I say breaking the silence.

Harry turns and winks at me. I laugh as he gets up a kisses his mum.

"Love you mum." He sing-songs.

"Love you to Harry give me a hug!"

As They say there good byes and he walks her out I go use the restroom. The hallway twists and turns and I finally find the bathroom. I wince at the sight of myself in the mirror. My hair was in knots and there was dark circles under my eyes. I find a brush and attempt to tame the knots.

I put the brush away and exit the bathroom, running into Harry.

"Sorry." I say smiling.

He picks me up off the floor and leads me downstairs holding my hand. My hand feels like fire and I had to steady my self on the wall before continuing.

He turns and looks at me, " follow me, I have to show you something. He leads me to the back door and opens it.  I gasp in shock.

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