Can't lose you

16 year old Sophie's life has never been easy, with her mom dying when she was young to living in a shitty orphanage. When she escapes one night Harry finds her roaming the streets. When he takes her under his wing she begins to fall in love with him. But soon, secrets unravel that could jeopardize there entire relationship.


7. Floating

I walked out back and sat on a brown lawn chair waiting for Harry to come out. I start fiddling with the strings on my suit and hear harry come out.

He had on a black swim suit with blue and green stripes.


"well don't you look nice." he said running his eyes over my body, pausing a little to long on my chest. I cross my arms over my chest and stand up. 


"So are we swimming or what?" i ask


"Lets jump off the high dive!" he says excitedly


"Oh no no no no." i stutter. i have a fright of heights


"Pleaaase," he whines, "for meeee."  he puts on his puppy dog face and i cant resist.


"Fine," i snap, "but if i do this we race." i say smiling.


He walks over the high dive and starts up the ladder. I hesitate but then i follow behind. i get to the top of the ladder and look down. L feel like im going to be sick.


"Okay, on three." he says grabbing me hand


"One.."  I squeeze his hand


"Two..." Deep breath....


"Three!" I Squeeze my eyes shut, take a deep breath, and we both step forward. It feels like forever until we hit the water with a smack. The force from the fall brings me all the way to the bottom. I look around the pool. its pretty and peaceful. I look down and see the had starfish and fish cemented in the bottom. That's so cool! I feel a punding in my head and my lungs start to panic as i realize i forgot i needted to breathe. I start swimming up to the top in a hurry. I finally swim up the 19 feet from the bottom and gasp for breath.


"Forgot to breathe?" Harry chuckles


I splash him and he splashes me back. we end up having a splash wear and i dunk him under and sprint for the edge. I manage to get up as soon as he reaches for my ankle, barely missing me.

"Ah damn you." he says grinning swimming to the edge of the pool. i Lay on my stomach my forhead pressed against his. He leans in to kiss me and i turn my head, he kisses my cheek. 


"Now how about that race." i say laughing


"Prepare to lose." he says getting out.


"Oh definitely." i say sarcasticly as we line up on the side of the pool.


"Loser makes lunch." he said grinning


"Deal." i said knowing i'm gonna win.


"Okay one...two...three...Go"


I dive into the water, my body perfectly straight and i dolphin kick in a streamline position. i come up to breathe and kick my feet hard and with freestyle arms. i reach far in front of my head scooping the water, bringing it by my side and push it behind me. I propel through the water leaving Harry far behind. i touch the wall finishing my race. I sit up on the wall waiting for harry to finish. he touches the wall breathing heavily as i breathe normal, barley braking a sweat.


"Holy shit Sophie!" he says


"Swim team for five years." i say laughing


"Nine year old state champ."


He stares at me his mouth open.


"Cheater!" he says grinning


"You never asked!" i laugh as he frowns


"Better go make lunch." i said with a wink. He huffs and gets out throwing me a towel and wrapping on around his waist.


We go inside and prepare lunch.



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