Curse Beauty

Jade is finally 16 and she finally gets to go out and hunt. Blood bags are no use anymore. On he first night of hunting she feeds on a guy that she would had never known that would be the guy she would fall in love with. Louis Tomlinson would be the only guy that would take her breath away. But the rules extretly say that no vampire can be with a human. Jade has to decide whether to turn louis into one of her own kind or let the love of her life go.


2. chapter 2

My mother keep talking and talking about how to hunt to be carful and all that kind of stuff. I dont think i would be a problem i can control peoples minds and feelings. I thought i had a pretty cool talent. It works when i get in trouble and i want the talk about being more reponsible to get over. 

Theres only 4 places were you can hunt

*Woods only if your a vegetarian and you eat family but thats only for made vampires pure bloods cant do that because we desire blood more and we need human blood to stay strong. 

*Dark allies were random helpless people walk alone which some idiots actually do that

*Clubs there dark and nobody can actually see you

*Concerts well after it.

Since i was so expirence with this i cant really decide so my butler is finding an easy prey.

I hear somebody knock the door. Since my mom still talking to me -which i have no idea about because i stop paying attention and went to my own little world- i bet is my buttler then. "Come in" i yell. My buttler was soooo hot i had sex with him before his only 19 not a bad deal considering how much older i was from him. We made him into a vampire just 2 weeks ago because that was his desire. He told me he did it for me that he wanted to stay by my side and protect me but i rejected him.

Thats were the good times of having fun with him ended and he always would give me hatred looks or dirty  uh no the usual was disspointemnt mix with pain ,hurt , and sadness. 

Its not really my fault i never told him to change for me. He cleared his trout and i got back to the real world "Theres a woman doing a concert today Her name is taylor swift she looks inoccent. " bryan said in his thick brittish accent yup thats what was more attractive for me his damn accent. "ewww no im not going to hunt in womans im not lebian or bi" i mean its true i would only hunt on guys. 

"Ok well a boy band call one direction is also doing a concert this evening" my face lighted up i knew who they were. For me they litterly look yummy and delicios i was guessing zayns blood was salty and niall was sweet. i cant said about the other ones tho maybe louis was sweet but sour at the same time like that candy. "YES!" i said with exceitment on my voice

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