when briana a young 18 year old girl who has never had a family who cared for her or loved her,she still had hope that one day someone will love her care for her and be her family , she never lost her hope that was her only goal in life to have a family , one day briana meets harry styles at her boxing class does she fall for him? is harry the boy of her dreams? read to find out


4. talk it out

i woke up from the sun rising in my face  today was Saturday ,  i got up and took a nice shower i was craving star bucks its been a long time since i  had some the last time i had a star bucks was in the 9th grade then i closed my self out when my brother wen't to jail i did not want anything the only thing i wanted was hope, i was running out of hope even though i promised my self when i was 12 years old that i would never give up on me, but i don't think i can keep that promise anymore i sometimes want to give up i want to be miserable i'm still am but i want to stay home all day  and be depressed i don't want to go to school and be a loner i want to stay at home and think of all the bad things that had happened to me i want to stay in bed and be afraid of losing something important to me , i prefer being like that forever than opening my self up to the world and losing something else i don;t even know what else i could lose if everything was already gone from my life , i headed to my car and drove to star bucks , i ordered my iced coffee and made my way out as i was heading out i felt wet on my chest i just realized i bumped into someone and spilled my coffee all over me i looked up and saw harry from the gym " oh hey 'im so so sorry here if you want i could buy you another drink " harry said " uhm no thanks its fine i got to go" i said " no wait i want to get to meet you pleas stay" he pleaded " its fine its okay" i said " i will not give up till you say yes"he said so i gave in " fine then i will stay" i said " he gave me a big smile" he ordered me a iced coffee and we sat down in the table " so tell me where you from" harry asked " im from uhm Miami Florida" i said i was not used to talk to people  so i was nervous 

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