when briana a young 18 year old girl who has never had a family who cared for her or loved her,she still had hope that one day someone will love her care for her and be her family , she never lost her hope that was her only goal in life to have a family , one day briana meets harry styles at her boxing class does she fall for him? is harry the boy of her dreams? read to find out


2. boxing/ new boy

I would always come from school and head up to my room , i would not want to go no where the only places i would go is to talk to my private counselor and visit my doctor and go to school, i wanted to be by my self because i'm afraid if i talk to people and if they ask about mom or dad i would break , the only persons that know about my problems are my god parents and my counselor also my doctor , my counselor told me i have to move on and forget about the past ,she wants me to try out a sport ,but the only problem is that i don't want to move on i'm afraid i might lose  something important to me,but  i will try i decided to try out boxing at the in shape gym , i wanted boxing because i like though sports and my brother used to come here when he was 10 years old , i started going to boxing for about 3 months and to tell you the truth it does help you look fit ,i was in the boxing room with my personal trainer '"MIKE" i was using the punch bags when we hared someone come in i turned to look who it was , it was a boy with green eyes and curly hair he looked so fit "uhm hi do you know where the shower rooms are?" he asked my trainer " there in the 3 floor to your left" my trainer answered he turned to look at me , he looked shocked at me i did not want to say nothing because i don"t like talking to people that mush " hey there i never seen a girl do a though men sport" he said i did not answered and i kept on punching the bags , he gave me a confused look because i did not answer he then left , boxing is my favorite sport because every time i train it takes all the anger out of me, hours later of training i decided to use the gyms shower rooms so i did not have to drive home with sweat on me i made my way to the gym lockers and grabbed my gym bag and made my  way to the 3 floor to the women shower rooms , i took a quick 20 min shower and got dressed and made my way out as i was heading out the gym i noticed i bumped in to someone i looked up to see the curly haired boy from earlier i did not bothered to say sorry i just walked away i felt some one grab my forearm i turned to see the curly boy " hey uhm you where that girl in the boxing room uhm i had never meet a girl as though as you so i was wondering would you like to grab a coffee with me sometime?" he asked i did not want to get close to him , i did not want to talk to no one but if i did not answer his question he would probably think i'm deft so i answered " sure" i said quietly " ok so i will see you around he said" and with that i made my way to my white bmw x5  i got for my 18th birthday from my godparents i made my way home and into my my room i laid in bed feeling scared because i might get close to the curly boy and he might ask questions about my past and i might brake i never really got his name i'm just nervous ............................................................................................

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