It's our love story <3

Two bestfriends? Falling for each other secretly? Then one of them...


2. Two

Sammi's POV-

I ran downstairs soon regretting it, the house was tore apart. Writing was all around the walls, well I guess we have new designs. But who did all of this?

"What the.." I heard behind me, I turned my head and saw Harry.

"Sarah." I whispered, as soon as I saw a girl laying on the ground, not to mention the ground was cold. My gosh! I quickly ran over to my slippers and slipped them on, then I walked over to my bestfriend. I checked her pulse, she still has one. Suddenly someone tapped my shoulder, I turned around and saw Harry. He held a glass cup of water, and had two pills in his hand he looked so se-... wait pills? For what? I then realized what he meant, and told him to hold them for a quick second. I bent down close to Sarah's ear.

"TIME TO WAKE UP!" I got smacked in the face, as she jolted up. Well, I deserved that.

"It hurts..." she whined, as she held her head.

"You give it to her, I don't wanna get smacked again." I stood up and walked into the bathroom, hearing an 'owww! I need those!' on the way. I chuckled to myself, as I closed the door and turned the water on for the shower, warming up the water. I took my clothes off, and hopped in the shower. Taking the shampoo and rubbing it through my hair, ahhh I love the smell of strawberries! I then ran my fingers through my hair under the water, getting the shampoo out. I slowly grabbed the peach conditioner, remembering something... something that reminded me why I was here with him in the first place.

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