It's our love story <3

Two bestfriends? Falling for each other secretly? Then one of them...


3. Three

Harry's POV-

I heard a thump come from the bathroom, but Sarah just left.. what do I do?! Sammi is my bestfriend, I never saw her naked before! Maybe once, but that was on accident! I quickly ran upstairs and into her room, where her bathroom was.

"Sammi, are you alright love?" I knocked on the door.

"Oh, she is just fine." replied a voice, as I heard glass shatter and a whimper come from inside the bathroom. Soon the door burst open, hitting me in the process. Yep, just fine. I placed my hand on my forehead, being dragged out of her room.

"What's going on?" I questioned as she dragged me down the stairs. She didn't answer, but I could tell that it was something that we would have to talk about later. I took a quick glance at her and realized that she was in her neon green tank top and her neon pink shorts on, her hair just breezing behind her. Soon we left the house after she grabbed her purse. We jumped into the car, soon taking off on full speed, yeah she was driving.

"You know how I said that I was hiding from someone?" she questioned as she looked out the rear view window.

"I don't mean to burst your bubble, but you haven't told me that. You just ran up to me in the park and told me that I was your new bestfriend." I stated, as I looked at her with concern.

"Just act like I did tell you ok?" she said, I just nodded trying to hold back my laughter.

"Ok, so..." she began.

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