It's our love story <3

Two bestfriends? Falling for each other secretly? Then one of them...


1. One


Harry's POV-

The wind moving in that one direction, that direction where she was at, showing off her amazing curly hair that was moving like a sheet in the breeze, those chocolate brown eyes sparkling in the distance, that purple finger-length dress flowing behind her, as she was smiling showing off her amazing dimples. I slowly began to walk closer to her, but she just started fading off as if she was walking backwards taking tiny steps. Soon her smile faded, and tears started to pour out of her eyes, her mouth moving but nothing coming out. Her mouth opening wider, as if she was yelling. I tried running, but-

"WAKE UP!" someone started jumping on the bed, I quickly sat up regretting it. The curtain was open, stupid sun.

"Im awake. Happy?" I smiled as soon as I saw who it was.

"Very!" she shouted as she hugged me tightly, oh how I love her hugs. She is so adorable! She pulled away immediately, soon checking the time.

"Shit!" she whisper-shouted, as she ran out of the room. What was that all about? I decided to follow her down stairs, and when I did.. I regretted it.

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