It's our love story <3

Two bestfriends? Falling for each other secretly? Then one of them...


4. Four

Sammi's POV-

"Ok, hiding from my ex's ex." I admitted.

"Wait, so your ex's ex, is a guy? Meaning that he was with a guy?" Harry questioned, as he looked at me. I just nodded, trying to concentrate. I looked out the side mirror, to find that he was chasing after us.

"Idiot." I mumbled.

"What exactly happened between you and him?" questioned Harry.

"A few years ago, before we met.. my ex boyfriend started to get home late at night and everything, bringing home a girl everytime. That happened for like 3 weeks, then I got sick of leading the chicks out so I broke it off between me and him. I moved in with Sarah, and she then brought his ex home cause yanno she was drunk. They played tic tac toe, then they started to trash the house and start to TP peoples houses, one of the old ladies called the police and they came over and started asking questions, I declared Sarah as innocent cause she is my bestfriend, that's what you do for bestfriends. Then Lucas- my ex's ex, he told me that I was gonna wish that I wouldn't have done that, so I slapped him and he.. he gave me a scar.. a scar to remember him by. He said that he would find me... and he found me." I finished in tears.

"He gave you a scar..." Harry concluded, I nodded as I wiped my tears away with my finger. I looked back and saw that Lucas was no where to be found, so I stopped at a hotel and that's where everything changed.

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