It's our love story <3

Two bestfriends? Falling for each other secretly? Then one of them...


5. Five

Harry's POV-


We entered the hotel room, just to see only one bed that had rose pedals formed into a heart all together, I like this hotel! Slowly Sammi's purse fell to the ground in disbelief, she turned around facing me and had a red face of anger.

"And I told them we weren't together!" she whisper-shouted, as she attempted to leave but I just pulled her back and placed her on the bed. This is time for me to show her how much I love her. Slowly I began to kiss her neck, she was startled at first but then realized what I was doing and froze into place not knowing what to do.

"Its alright babe, just let me know when to stop." I whispered into her ear, as she just nodded in response. I began to lift her shirt up, taking it off as I moved down and took her shorts off. She quickly covered her stomach and blushed. I removed her hands and kissed her stomach in tiny kisses that spelt 'beautiful'. I could feel he stiffen up, then relaxed after a while, realizing that I wouldn't hurt her. I slowly kissed down to her panties, hearing her moan was the best thing that I heard.. I slowly took them off, along with her bra.

"Let me know when to stop." I instructed, she nodded then took a deep breath giving me the signal 'im ready'. I started kissing her passionately as I then thrust inside her. She just froze...

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