The Dark Side Of You

This is a One Direction Fan Fiction. Read to Find Out!


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Hey guys im Amber Payne! I have cruled brown hair and light brown eyes and  18 years old. My Brother Liam and I have been liveing on our owne every sents our parents left us...but things have gotten better Liam is now a part of a new boy band called One Direction. Ring Ring Ring Hey Liam! I said when i picked up my phone "Hey Amber" Liam said whats up? I said " me and the boys are going out to get something to eat. want to come? you can call up nialls sister and you can both go" Yeah! "ok we be ther in 1hr oh a ware some thing nice"  ok. "bye amber" bye liam. Now time to call skyla! we are really good frends. Ring Rin. Hey girl! Hey sky! "whats up'  the boys want us to  to diner and liam said to ware something nice. ok! be right over! ok by sky. by ambe. Ah skyla alway so happy like her brothe niall. Skyla horan we are like sisters! sky has wave blond hair and sea blue eyes she is allways so happy. Ding dong Ding dong Ding dong Din... SKY USE YOU FREKING HOUES KEY! i yelled form up stairs. Amber where are you! sky yelled. In my room! I cound here sky runing up stair. skyla opend my door and looked at me still in bed. AMBER ROSE PANYE WHAT ARE YOU STILL DOING IN BED?!?!?! sky  yealed at me umm.... GET UP!! sky yelled and came over and got me out of bed. UGH do i have to? i said  YES! now get up the boys will be here any min! sky said Now go and shower and i will get your close she said pushing me in the bathroom. sky was allread she had on a light blue dress whit heals and her hair stratened and a ligh make up on. i truend the water on and took of my close and got in to the shower. 10 mins later i was out of the shower i put my hair up in a towl and raped a towl around my body and steped out to where skyla was. took you long enuf sky said. Here put this on sky said handing me a light pink dress . i put the dress on and sky was in the middle of makeing my hair more curle when some one was at the door " Are you to almost done?" the prosone asked it sounded like liam  yeah almost! sky saide ok  said a drifrent prosone it sounded like niall and we hered foot steps walking a way. sky finshed cruleing my hair then she put some light make up on me and handed me some heals. I put the heals on and we walked down to where the boys where at. The  boys stoped talking and looked at us. Take a pitcher it will last longer sky said. Liam and Naill walked up to us and asked if we where ready to  go and we said yeah.

````````````````***SKIP THE LONG BORING CAR RIDE`````````````````````````````````````````````*******

when we puled up to the place we where going to be eating at it was really nice looking. We got out of the car and walked in and some one came and took us to out seats. the waiter came by and aske waht we wanted to dirnk i would like a coke zayn  said sprit louis said rootber harry said pepsie me and laim said sweet tea skyla and niall said. the waiter walked a way.Wow you guys could be twins! louis said to me, liam,sky and naill. why do you say that louis i said caues you guys allway get to same thing! louis said. the waiter came back and took our order for food. We where talking then a group of 5 boys walked in a sat at the table be hind us. The boys got queit and looked at echother. May be they wont see us i herad louis wisper to the other boys they just node and countued talkeing. I looked at sky and me and here had the same look on our faces. What was that about? skyla asked yeah i said ummm.. i hered liam say.


when we got to the place we where going to be eating at we walked in and every thing was going good then 5 pepole walked in. me  and the boys looked up and saw a group of 5 boys. I saw naill look at me. Me and the boys know who they are they are the band we beat on the X factor they are now our rival band who have been out to get revenges on us sents the thing that happend. There group is called The J team. I looked back and saw them looking at us and pointin torods mine and nialls sisters. Thenn they got up and stared walking to our talbal. crap i said under my brethe and the boys lookekd back and saw what i saw. We all looked at echorth quekly but counted talking to Amber and skyla. I was think off what i was going to say to amber and sky. They got to our table adnd said " Ah long time no see guys" max said looking at me and the boys. yeah long time niall said. then they looked at mine and nialls sister."and who are theis lovely laides?" jaime and leo said smialling and  puting there hand on Amber and skylas shoulder. I saw amber and sky look at me and niall. that right there got me mad and im sure niall was to. GET YOUR HANDS OFF OUR SISTERS. me and niall both said though our teeth and puled amber and skyla on the opesit side od me and niall so now they are sitting betwen harry and zayn who looked at them. "Ah so the are you and naills sisters im gessing"zack said Yes they are Naill saide jay looked at zayn and harry and noded and they noded back. "Well we hope to see you guys soon" jay saide and they walked a way. we paid and got in the car and heade home.

~~~~~~~~~~~**SKIP THE BORING CAR RIDE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~**********

When we got home we all whent into the liveing room skyla was just about to say some thing but naill intruped. "Sky we are staying the night here" Well we all are i said. sky noded. What was that about at the restrount? who are they? and what did they mean by long time no see and hope to see you guys soon whit a creppe smial. Amber and sky said. All the boys looked at echother. we have keept it for them to long louis said keep wha form us? sky said i know lou. what is it? tell us! Amber said. Well you see there is something we need to tell you guys... naill said You know thoes boy at that place who came up to us i said yeah Amber said well they are one of the groups we beat on thr X Factor........ And how is that a bad thing? sky said Its a bad thig becaues some thing happend and now we are riveal bands and they want reveings on us and they will use anything that we crae about or who we love niall said. so you are saying me and sky are indaged now! Amber said. you guys have been for a long time we just have not told you i said. how long? Amber said 3 Yeares niall siad so they are pepole you have knowed befor the X factor. sky said yes we all said and it has to do whit something that happend befor and dering the x factor. Well what is that thing that happend? sky and amber asked we cant tell niall said

A/N hey guys tell me what yall think this is my second book soo please tell me if u think i shoud keep goinging

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