Harry Styles, The Heart Stealer

This is a story about a girl. To be exact, she is Eleanor's cousin. What Happens when she goes on tour with the boys, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie? Find out in the one direction fic!


4. The Kiss

His face is moving closer, and closer, and closer, until I feel his warm, sweet scented breath, just a few millimeters from my lips. And then, without any warning, I feel his lips on mine. 

Their soft, and gentle. After about ten seconds, he pulls away. I am very sad that he did that. Why did he do that? Is something wrong? Did I do something wrong? 

He must have seen the panicked look on my face because e quickly said, "No it wasn't you. You are perfect. Someone's coming though." And sure enough, as soon he gets up from on top if me, Liam and Danielle come through the door. 

"Hey guys!", Liam says. He takes a seat on the sofa next to Harry, and Danni sits by me on the floor.

"Everyone's on there way here. We're gonna just hang out in the living room for a while." Danni says. And soon enough. Everyone is here. 

"OHHH I know!! Lets play truth or dare!" Perrie says. Everyone agrees to the idea, with just a little hesitation from Liam. But Danielle quickly fixed that. That boy is whipped. 

"Who wants to go first?" El asks.

"I'll go!!" Louis shouts. I'm gonna need some earplugs if I want to have eardrums when I get back. 

"Truth or dare?" Zayn asks. 


"I dare you to wash your hair with toothpaste." Zayn said. Ew. 

"No problem!!" And off Louis goes! 

"Ok Zayn, truth or dare!" Harry says.


"Your such a pussy babe." Perrie says. Zayn just grunts and chuckles.

"Ok. If you had to choose between Perrie, and your shampoo, which would you choose." 

His face is priceless! He jaw is dropping and closing in a repetitive motion. Perrie smacks his arm. 

"Perrie?" He says like it's a question. 

"Good answer!" Perrie says. 

"Ok maybe we shouldn't play this anymore...." Liam says.

"I agree!" Niall says. Then he adds, "Lets get some food!" Honestly I'm not hungry at all. 

"Why don't you go ahead and eat, I don't think anyone else in hungry." Danni says. 

"Alright!" He says gleefully. And at this time, Louis comes back. 

"All done!" He says.

**Authors note:

I'm am so sorry. I mean I can't even explain how sorry I am. I am a lier. I've just been really busy but that is not a good excuse. And this chapter is short and lame. I am so sorry. I will update as soon as possible. Please don't hate me.**

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