Harry Styles, The Heart Stealer

This is a story about a girl. To be exact, she is Eleanor's cousin. What Happens when she goes on tour with the boys, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie? Find out in the one direction fic!


2. She's leaving me

Kayleigh's POV:

I can't believe that Taylors doing this to me! I didn't want to seem weak but I couldn't hold my tears any longer. I knew I would snap soon. And now I regretted not talking to her because now I am going to yell at her even when I don't want to. I ran up to my room before I did something I regret. 

After a few minutes of continues hot tears flowing, Eleanor came in. 

She slowly walks to my bed and sits next to me. She starts rubbing my back soothingly. "What's wrong?" She asks. 

"Don't you see?! Taylor's ditching me for James!! I know I'll only be gone for a month but then what's next?!?! I hardly ever see her!!!! First she was gone all day for work, then she started not coming home for dinner, now she's sending me off?! What's gonna fucking be next?!?!?! She's gonna send me to  fucking military camp or something! Each day she leaves me a little more. I need her!!!!" I am full on sobbing right now. 

Taylor's POV:

I heard everything she said. I was just going to check on her when I heard her yelling. Is that what she thinks? I am torn. I can't just ditch James but I don't want Kayleigh to be upset. 

After a few minutes of pondering this I decided that I would go with James, then when I get back, I would spend as much time with her as I could. 

Kayleighs POV:

After about an hour I finally got myself together. Then I thought of something. 

"You can't tell Taylor about this El." 

"Why? She would want to know Kayleigh."

"I don't want her to feel guilty for being in love." I say.

"Ok I see your point." 

I know I can trust Eleanor so I don't stress about it. I glance over at the clock and realize its almost midnight! Goodness time does fly! I decided to go to bed. I need my sleep.

"Well I'm going to turn in for the night." I say with a yawn. 

"Goodnight." El says and goes to the guest bedroom. 

"Kayleigh, wakey upey!" I hear. I groan and roll further into my soft mattress. 


"I don't wanna!" I look at the clock and its almost one in the afternoon! Geez! I slept a long time! 

After a few minutes of fighting with El I decided to get up. After she leaves the room I get up and take a shower. I put on a cute black and red floral print dress and combat boots. I blow dry my hair, then curl it. I put on my normal make up, which is black eyeshadow, black eye liner and mascara. Once I'm satisfied with my appearance, I go downstairs. 

I see Taylor and Eleanor chatting in the dining room so I go to the island in between the dining room and kitchen and start eating a bowl of cereal. 

"You ready?" El asks. 

"Yeah just let me finish," I say with a mouthful. 

After about ten minutes we are in one of Taylor's cars driving off to the mall. 

"Why exactly are we going to the mall?" I say. 

"Because!! We're leaving tomorrow and we need new clothes!!" Wow. Eleanor the biggest shop a holic I know. 



About eight hours later, and I'm not exaggerating when I say we have a hundred bags, we are back at home. 

"Why did you feel the need to buy all of this shit!" I feel the need to ask. 

"Because! I am always in need of new clothing!" Typical answer. 

I decided to go up to my room and start packing. I get my hot pink suitcase, my black and pink polka dotted duffle bag, and my black mini suitcase and pack up pretty much everything I own. If I'm gonna be gone for a whole month, I'm gonna need a lot of stuff. After I am finished I am beat. All I remember is falling onto my pillow and into a dreamless sleep. 

**Authors note: Ok so this was just a chapter preparing for what's gonna happen. And it was kinda a filler chapter. So please don't stop reading. I know it was a shitty chapter. Trust me. It will get better. I will update as soon as I can! Which will probably be within the next Week! Thank you!**

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