Harry Styles, The Heart Stealer

This is a story about a girl. To be exact, she is Eleanor's cousin. What Happens when she goes on tour with the boys, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie? Find out in the one direction fic!


3. Hanging out with Harry

Kayleigh's POV:

I woke up to someone violently shaking me. "You need to wake up or were gonna be late!" Of course it was Eleanor. I look at the clock and it is six thirty am. Is that even a time?  We were meeting the tour bus at Walmart in about half an hour so I knew I had to get up. Once I'm out of bed I'm to tired to do much so I just throw on some sweats and a plain light pink t-shirt. I put on my white converse and off we go. Eleanor is so exited to see Louis, even though they've only not seen each other for like three days. On the way there I fall asleep on El's shoulder. That was a mistake because its only like a ten minute drive. 

"She fell asleep again."

"How does she manage that?" That's what I hear but I'm so tired that their voices sound muffled. 

"Do you want me to wake her up so you can say goodbye?" 

"No I'll just call her later on."

"Ok well I'm going to go get Louis to carry her to the bus."

Should I tell them I'm not actually all the way asleep? Nah. I am so tired right now. After a few minutes I feel a pair of arms around me. Then I feel them lift me and start walking. Then I feel whoever carrying go up stairs. 

"Where would you like me to put her?" A deep British accent says. 

"Put her in the bed under mine." El says. Then I feel more walking, then I'm put down, and I fall fully asleep in a matter of seconds. 



I wake up and do not know where I am. Oh yeah! I remember now! I'm on a bus! I check the time on my phone and its three in the after noon. Wow. I get out of my bunk and have no idea where I am going at all. So I just walk towards all the noise. I get into a room, and I see eight people. Only one of which I recognize. Well I mean I recognize the members of one direction, but the only one I could place a name to is Louis.  

"Hey Kayleigh!" Eleanor says excitedly. "How'd you sleep?" 

"Good! What about you?" 

"Fine thanks for asking." She says. "Here let me introduce you to everyone." First she points to one with a shaved head. "That's Liam, or daddy direction." Liam gives a small wave and a smile, which I return. "That's Niall, he's the only other person in the world that can eat as much as you and still remain crazily skinny." I look where she's pointing and see a blonde guy eating the biggest plate of nachos I have ever seen. "That is Danielle, she is Liam's girlfriend." She points to a girl with beautiful curly brown hair. Danielle gives me a warm smile. "And that's Zayn and Perrie." She points to a girl with blue and pink hair, and a boy with a black quiff. "Incase you haven't guessed there together. And this is my baby, Louis." She points to Louis. Yup I already knew who he was. "And lastly that is Harry," she points to a boy with curly hair and the most beautiful green eyes I have ever seen. "And everybody this is Kayleigh!" I am greeted by a chorus of 'hi's and 'hello's. 

"Hey everybody!" I say. 

"Are you hungry love? We were just stopping for food." Louis asks.

"Yes actually I am!" 

"Well you actually got up at a perfect time! Normally me and Danielle just go in and get the food because it will be less of a fuss then if the boys go in." 

"Ok sounds good!" I say. We take orders of what everyone wants, then we head inside. We order for everyone, and Daniella and El order for themselves then it's my turn. "I'll have a triple cheeseburger with a large fries and a large chocolate milkshake and a side of onion rings please." I look over at Danni and El. Their mouths are wide open. 

"Your gonna catch flies in your mouths if you don't close them." I say. 

"How can you possibly eat all that?! Your such a tiny little thing!" Danni asks.

"You have no idea how much I get asked that question." And it's true. I've been asked that question to many times! I really don't think I eat that much. Do I?

After a few minutes of waiting for food and small talk we head back to the bus with our arms full of food bags. I now realized exactly how starving I am. As soon as we set the bags down I take out my burger and take a huge bite out of it.  

After about fifteen minutes I had finished all of my food. 

"How can a girl your height and weight eat that much food?" Harry asks. I recognize that voice, he was the one that carried me last night!

"Talent." I reply.  He lets out a light chuckle. 

"Well ok then!" He says. It's right then I realize that it's only us in the room. Where did everyone else go? "Hey do you want to watch a film?" He asks me with his sexy voice. 

"Yeah!" I like movies. I always have. They've always been there for me in my hard times. 

"Which one?" 

"You choose" I say. 

"Um how about Evil Dead?" No. No no no no no. Anything but that. I can not watch horror movies. I get so scared! But I can't let him know I'm a wimp! Before I have time to argue I find myself saying "Sure." Shit. What did I get myself into? Ugh!! 

He starts the movie and sits next to me. Within the first three minutes I find myself shaking. "Are you scared love?" I can't find my words so I just nod. He grabs my hand and says "There's no need to be scared, I'll protect you." I squeeze his hand so hard that I think it's turning purple. 

After about half of the movie, I find myself almost on his lap, with my head buried on his shoulder. "If I would've known you'd be like this I would've asked you to watch the movie sooner." He says flirtatiously. I feel my insides heat up at the comment. 

"Will you please turn it off?" I seriously can't take it anymore. 

"Ok but on one condition."

"What?! Please?!!" 

"You have to hug me and tell me I'm the best." He says cockily. 

I am desperate so I wrap my arms around his neck and squeeze. I whisper in his ear, "You are the best." Ok maybe I'm enjoying this. Just a little. He turns off the movie using the remote that was on the table next to him. 

"I know." He says with a smirk. He is just so adorable. 

"So what now?" I ask. 

"We could play a game?" He suggests. 

"Sounds good!" I actually really like playing games. I think there a lot of fun. He went to a closet, and opened it up.

"We have Monopoly, Sorry, Poker, or Life." He says.

"Let's play Sorry!" 

"Ok love." He gets out the game and sets it on the table. I go and sit down across from him. 

"I call blue!!" I say. He chuckles and spins the board so blue is facing me. He gives me my pieces, and he gets his red pieces out. Then off we go. 

After about fifteen minutes, he won. "You cheated." I say jokingly. 

He puts his hand over his heart in fake hurt. "I did no such thing!" 

"Mmhmm whatever." I say with a smirk. 

"Ok that's it!" He starts coming towards me and I back up until I hit a wall. "There's no where you can run now." He whispers in my ear. Then, without notice or anything he starts tickling me. I am laughing uncontrollably and punching him, trying to get him to stop. "P-p-p-please s-s-s-stop!!" I stutter as I try to get the words out. He stops for a second. 

"Am I a cheater?" He asks. 


"Say 'Harry Styles isn't a cheater'" 

"Harry Styles isn't a cheater!!" I say, praying that he won't start tickling me again. 

"Very good." And it's about this time when I realize his faces us just inches away from mine, and it's getting closer. 


**Authors note, 

Ok so I am gonna start updating only once a week, but I might update more depending on my schedule and the amount of comments and likes I get! So for faster updates tell you sister, your mom, your grandma, your grandpa, your brother, your cousins, your aunts, your uncles, your dogs, your cats and your tricycles to read this!!!**

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