Harry Styles, The Heart Stealer

This is a story about a girl. To be exact, she is Eleanor's cousin. What Happens when she goes on tour with the boys, Eleanor, Danielle and Perrie? Find out in the one direction fic!


1. Eleanor's pov

Eleanor's POV:

I am so exited. I finally get to see my cousins that I haven't seen in two years!!! I don't get to see them as often as I'd like to because I live in London, and they live in the States. There are two of them. Taylor and Kayleigh. Me and Taylor get along fine, but she is ten years older than me, but Kayleigh is only two and a half years younger than me so me and her get on great! She is like a sister. Even though I haven't seen her is so long, we text everyday! 

I am on the plane right now. It's boring. But on the bright side Louis bought me a first class ticket so I'm not squished in coach! Yes that's right. I am dating the one and only Louis Tomlinson. He is so sweet, and caring as he always looks out for my best interest. Now your probably wondering why I am randomly going to see my cousins. And the answer is this. Taylor has a boyfriend she has been dating for almost five years. He is taking her on a romantic get away in Machu Picchu. And don't tell her this, but I think he might be proposing! Anyways, they were gonna leave Kayleigh home alone for almost a month, but I suggested that she come with me one One Directions take me home tour! Taylor liked the idea, so we plan on telling her tonight! After a little while longer, my plane finally landed. I got off, and got my suitcase. I am only going to be here for three days so I didn't feel the need for more then one bag. As I am waiting to get off the plane, I turn on my phone and see that I have two new messages. One from Taylor, saying that she is here, and one from Louis asking if I made it safely. Aw how sweet! I reply to them. For Taylor, I put a simple "ok I'll be out in a few minutes." And for Louis "aw thnx baby, yes I am safely here, luv you! Xoxo El" 

I finally get off the airplane after what seems like forever, and walk to where Taylor told me she was parked. Before I see her I see her car. A pearl white Porsche. Did I mention James is filthy rich? She runs out to hug me, and I to hug her. "Oh my gosh I have missed you so much!!!" I practically scream! I am so exited! "I have missed you to!!" She says. We hug for a few minutes before I pull back to look at her. Her blonde hair was pulled up into a sleek bun, she's wearing a white dress with light pink pumps. I'm guessing she just came home from work. "You look great!" I say. 

"Aw thanks you too!" Oh she's such a sweetheart. "Well what are we waiting for? Lets go!"

It's right then I realize Kayleigh isn't here. "Where's Kayleigh?" 

"Oh she was at home sleeping when I left, so I just left her. You know how it is when she doesn't get her sleep."  Oh yeah I do. She is a monster when she doesn't sleep. I mean I'm not even exaggerating. It's like worse than any horror movie you could watch. 

We just small talked for the rest of the way. You know like I asked about James, she asked about Louis. We talked about the tour and just stuff like that. After about an hour, we finally got to her house. She lives with James incase you didn't guess already. I grab my suitcase and she tells me James is on a business trip but he will be home tomorrow. I go inside and I am just so excited to see my other cousin. As I walk in, I go up to Kayleighs room to find her. I walk in and there she is, reading. 

"ELEANOR!! I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!" She screams and comes up to hug me! I hug her so tight! I have missed her! She's like my best friend! Me and Kayleigh just talk and catch up for about an hour, when Taylor tells us dinner is ready. We go down to eat. 

"Kayleigh, Eleanor has something to tell you." Taylor says. 

"And what would that be?" Kayleigh asks.


I expected her to jump up and scream but she just sat there. Then all of a sudden tears stared flowing out of her eyes. Not happy tears though. 

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