KT Williams wasnt like anyone else on earth....she has special powers but what happens when she goes to a 1D concert with her brother Derek.Will one direction see KT using these powers?Will they love KT for her powers,looks,or personality? I guess you'll have to find that out yourself.


1. Im Ready to Go

  KT's POV

          My name is KT and im sure you already heard of me since one directon told the whole word about me but we will get to that later. So, I have these powers that i got when i was about 6 yrs old . Its my whole family who are wizards and the only one that knows about us is my best friend Joy. Shes going out with my brother Derek,who which is also a wizard and some times we tag team up and play tricks on people but they are little ones so people wont know its us. Me and my brother are 19 years old and we just got tickets to go to a One Direction Concert . Im not a big fan of them but my brother thinks of them as idols so I will go for my brother since he wants to go so bad. Hopefully nothing goes wrong with my brother and I going to this concert. I went up to my room and got dressed,I knew it wasnt a fancy concert so I just got dressed in a cute top with blue skinny jeans and some converses wih a blue beanie on my head. My brother was wearing a black shirt with a black and white varcity jacket and white skinny jeans with blac converses. When we both were  ready we left the house and hopped into my car (jeep).You could tell my brother was super excided


So you ready to see your "idols" i said sarcasticly with a cute little voice


Yeah are you ready to see the 'hottest boy band' he said mocking my acting voice


We both laughed and finally got to the place One Direction was playing  at . We got out of the car and gave the man our tickets we saw that one direction was answering questions from everyone before going in. My brother raised his hand and they called on him.

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