The truth

You and Justin had a relationship for 2 years but he broke up with you and you don't why. A new girl is on your School and she is youre new best friend but Justin seems to like her and you have youre new Boyfriend Jared. But everything is going to change...


15. The prom

I was in my room waiting for Justin after a while my mom walked in my room.

Mom: You look gorgeous honey!

Me: Thanks mom.

Mom: Justin is waiting for you.

I took my purse and walked downstaires.

Justin was talking with my Dad.

Justin had a black suit on.

Dad: Take care of her.

Justin: I will sir.

When Justin saw me, he had his eyes wide open.

Me: Say something.

Justin: You are the most beautiful girl i ever seen.

I blushed and kissed him.

Me ( whispered): You look hot.

He smiled and licked his lips.


At the prom.

We where dancing in the middle of the dancefloor.

I felt like a princess and for minutes if forgot the whole world.

Justin ( whispered): I hope the prom ends soon.

He whipped me around and he stuck his tongue in my mouth.

Justin: Babe do you want something ?

Me: No thanks.

Justin: I'll get something to drink. Wait here cutie.

He kissed me and walked away to the bar.

I felt someone holding my hand, i thought it was Justin.

I wanted to kiss him but when i turned around, it was Jared!

Jared: You look hot.

Me: What do you want?

Jared: You.

Me: Go away.

He grabbed my arm and pushed me to him.

For a while i thought he's gonna hurt me but he did the opposite he kissed me.

I tried to drop but he held my hand so hard.

I heard Justin's voice but i couldn't understand what his saying.

Jared let me go and he was laughing

Jared: DONE!

I slapt Jared on his face and he said some stuff but i ignored.

I couldn't find Justin and i was freaking out.

I asked a Girl with a black dress on.

Me: Excuse me, have you seen Justin?

Girl: Justin Bieber?

Me: Yes.

Girl: He left the prom.

Me: Ooh.. thank you.

It was official he saw me with Jared.

I saw Ryan dancing with a Girl, i walked over to him.

Me: Ryan do you know where Justin is?

Ryan: Yes.

Me: Tell me please.

Ryan: Who do you think you are? You kissed Jared in front of him.

Me: No, no

Ryan: Like do you have feelings?

I couldn't believe Ryan said that to me.

I went to the Treehouse but he wasn't there, i went to his Home.

Someone opened the door but it was his mom.

Pattie: Hii pretty girl.

Me: Hii Pattie, is Justin at Home?

Pattie: No, i thought he was with you.

Me: Yea but than i lost him.

Pattie: You can come in and wait for Justin.

Me: Thanks.

I walked upstaires and waited for Justin in his bed.

After hours i was so tired that i fell asleep.

When i woke up my first tought was Justin.

I walked downstaires very fast but Justin wasn't there.

Pattie: Good moring honey.

Me: Good morning

Pattie: Do you want to eat something?

Me: No thanks, can you please tell Justin that i was here?

Pattie: Sure Honey.

I said Goodbye to Pattie and went home.


At Home

Mom: How was the night with Justin.

She was drinking a coffee.

Me: Nice.

I faked a smiled and walked upstaires.

Me ( crying) : Justin where are you.











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