The truth

You and Justin had a relationship for 2 years but he broke up with you and you don't why. A new girl is on your School and she is youre new best friend but Justin seems to like her and you have youre new Boyfriend Jared. But everything is going to change...


10. The Movie

Sunday morning


I woked up and i felt someone kissing me the whole time, it was Justin.

Justin: Good morning babe.

Me: Are you real or a dream?

Justin: Kiss me.

I kissed him sofly.

Me: Sometimes i think i don't deserve you.

Justin: Why?

Me: Because you treat me like a princess.

Justin: But thats what you are.

Me: Aaaw you are so cute.

Justin: I brought this movie called Notebook.

I was so suprised , i thought he would chose a  action movie but not Notebook.

Me: I tought you would chose something else.

He blushed.

Justin: Don't you like it? I can go and chose something else.

Me: No,no i love it.

Justin: More than me?

Me: Never. Don't you want to come under the blanket?

He smiled and came under the blanket. I put my head on his chest. and hold his hands.

He kissed me on the forhead and the movie start.

After the movie we cuddle a lot and he made me laugh even if its not funny.

After a while Jared called me.

At the phone with Jared.

Jared: Hey my love.

Me: Heyy.

Jared: I miss you so mutch.

Me: Do you want something?

Jared: I want you, can we go out tonight?

Me: I can't, i have to do my homework.

Jared: Are you kidding me? 

Me: No why?

Justin kissed my cheek the whole time, i tried to stop him but i couldn't resist.

Jared: Is there someone with you?

Me: No why?

Jared: I hear some noises.

Justin laughed.

Me: Its my mom.

Jared:Yea... i'll see you tomorrow at School babe.

Me: Okey bye.

I hanged up the phone.

Me: I hate him

Justin:  I want to be with you the whole time at School.

Me: What about your boys?

Justin: I can hang out with them after School sometimes.

Me: What about Jared?

Justin: Do you remember our secret place?

Me: Sure.




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