The truth

You and Justin had a relationship for 2 years but he broke up with you and you don't why. A new girl is on your School and she is youre new best friend but Justin seems to like her and you have youre new Boyfriend Jared. But everything is going to change...


7. Shopping

I needed a new pair of shoes so i just asked Lily if she wanted to come with me shopping. I saw a new message from Justin, i didn't wanted to read it.




Lily: Look at this shoes, they are amazing.

She said and tried the shoes on.

I tried to pay antention but i couldn't stop thinking about Justin.

Lily: Are you  listening to me?

Me: Yes, they are amazing.

Lily: Don't think to much about Jared.

I faked a smile and smiled at her. I wish i could think  about Jared but it was impossible.

Me: What about you and Justin?

Lily: Only a few days and we are a couple.

 I was shocked! Justin just said to me a few days ago that he loves me and now he wanted to be in a relationship with my Bestfriend.


 Lily: Is everything allright?

Me: Yes of course.

Lily: I'm so happy, you are my best friend and Justin is going to be my Boyfriend.

Me: I'm happy for you too.


My heart was broken into pieces. I remember all the moments that we pass trough together, all the promises and words. Was it so easy to forget me? I need to forget Justin.


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