The truth

You and Justin had a relationship for 2 years but he broke up with you and you don't why. A new girl is on your School and she is youre new best friend but Justin seems to like her and you have youre new Boyfriend Jared. But everything is going to change...


8. She lied.

I was so tired after all day with Lily shopping, i just wanted to go home and fall asleep.

When i walked in i saw Justin on the couch watching TV.

I wanted to run upstaires but he grabbed my arm and pushed me to him.

We where so close, i could feel his breath. I tried to go away but he held my arm so hard.

Me: Justin let me go please.

Justin: I can't, you are my everything please tell what happend?

Me: Nothing.

Justin: What about us?

Me: We don't have a relationship anymore remember?

Justin: I still love you.

Me: You love me? If you love me, you didn't lied to me!

Justin: I never lied to you.

Me: Are you sure? what about Lily?

Justin: What she has to do with us?

Me: You brought her to the Treehouse.

He looked so confused.

Justin: Who said that to you?

Me: She told me.

Justin: She lied to you, i never brought her anywhere.

Me: You are saying that my Bestfriend lied to me?

Justin: If i brought someone there than you, only you!

Me: But she said you text her.

Justin: Yes but we talked about you.

He gave me his cellphone and i saw the messages.


Lily: Heey Cutiee *.*

J: Hey.

Lily: I would loved to spend more time with you too.

J: I'm Sorry Lily i only said that to make Y/N jealous because i still love her and i dont wanna hurt your feelings

Lily: But she is with Jared and you broke up with her.

J: I know but i still love her, i broke up with her because of Jared.

Because of Jared? i was so confused.

i tried to see the other messages but they aren't important and sometimes Justin didn't text her back.

Me: You broke up with me because of Jared?

Justin: Yea...

Me: Why?

Justin: He said he would hurt you if i didn't break up with you. Do you remember when you had a car accident?



I was making out with Justin in my Car.

Justin: I missed your lips, your eyes, your breath everything.

Me: I missed you too Boo.

Justin: It is to hot in here.

He laughed and kissed my neck.

Justin; When i think about last night.

He licked his lips and he couldn't stop looking at my lips.

Me: Babe you have to go.

Justin: I can't you make me obsessed.

Me: I don't wanna leave you too but i have to.

We didn't wanted to stop making out but after a while he leaved.

I was driving and i put the music very loud and sing along.

I saw a car follow me, i tried to go faster.

I losed the control and went into a pole.

Noting happend to me that night but my car was tottaly ruined.

Since there i didn't drived anymore.



Justin: It was Jared!






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