The truth

You and Justin had a relationship for 2 years but he broke up with you and you don't why. A new girl is on your School and she is youre new best friend but Justin seems to like her and you have youre new Boyfriend Jared. But everything is going to change...


9. Secret

Me: Thats not possible Justin,

Justin: Please don't tell him anything.

Me: He tried to kill me.

Justin: I know but if you break up with him, he's gonna hurt you.

Me: i don't care.

Justin: But  i do! i can't lose you Babe, 

Me: I love you so mutch, i cant lose you twice.

Justin: You never gonna lose me.

He gave me a hug and kissed me on the forhead. 

Me: I miss your lips babe.

He smiled and kissed me softly, it was so good to feel his lips again.

I gave him a hug,

if i could i never let him go, i felt so saved in his arms.

Me: What about Lily?

Justin: She lied to you, you are my love no one lies to you.

Me:I just want to runaway with you.

Justin: Can i tell you a secret?

Me: What?

Justin: I wanted to make you jealous.

Me: It worked.

Justin: Are u mad?

Me: I don't know maybe if you give me a kiss.

He kissed me like that:

 Justin: Are you still mad?

Me: With that kiss really?

He laughed and passed his hand through his hair.

Justin: Do you want to spend the whole day with me tomorrow?

Me: Can we stay in Bed and watch movies.

Justin: Sure babe, i choose the movie.

Me: Okey babe.


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