The truth

You and Justin had a relationship for 2 years but he broke up with you and you don't why. A new girl is on your School and she is youre new best friend but Justin seems to like her and you have youre new Boyfriend Jared. But everything is going to change...


17. Making out

I was lying on my bed and thinking about Justin.


There is no " US"

we were never been a couple.

He never loved you.

Was it the truth? did he lied this whole time?


I needed to talk with him.

I walked downstaires and my mom was talking with my dad.


Mom: Where are you going?

Me: Take a walk.

Mom: Did something happend to Justin?

Me: No why?

Mom: Did you broke up with him?

Me: No, mom i love you but i need to take a walk.

I closed the door and walked to Justin's house.


Pattie opened the Door.

Pattie: Hii Girl.

Me: Hii Pattie.

Pattie: Do you want to talk with justin?

Me: Yes please.

Pattie: Come in.


I walked in Justin's room and he wasn't alone he was making out with Lily.

I walked downstaires very fast and try to hide my tears.

It was raining outside and Justin followed me.

He grabbed my arm.


Justin: Wait.

Me: You know what? You were right we never been a couple and i never loved you.

I could see his tears but i was hurt and just wanted to  walk away.

i walked away and left him alone in the street.


I went to Ciara's home.

She opened the door and i hugged her crying.

Ciara: What happend darling?

Me: Juu..sti..n a..nd Lil..y

I couldn't speak because it was hurting so mutch.

Ciara:  Ooh Dear calm down.

Ciara brought me a tea and i tried to calm down.

She waited a while and than she asked again.

Ciara: Tell me what happend between Lily and Justin?

i took a deep breath.

Me: They were making out.

Ciara: No way? What did you do?

Me: I walked outside and Justin followed me but i said to him that i never loved him.

Ciara: What did he said?

Me: Nothing but he was....crying.

Ciara: i thinks he loves you.

Me: No if he loves he didn't hurt my like that.

Ciara: i think you should talk with him.

Me: About what?

Ciara: How you feel!

I said goodbye to Ciara and walked outside.

i decided to call Justin.

Me: Where are you?

Justin: In the treehouse why?

Me: Are you alone?

Justin: Yes.

Me: Can we talk?

Justin: About what?

Me: You will see , byee.

I hanged up the phone.

I went to the treehouse and he was there looking at some pictures.

Me: Heey

He hide the pictures.

Justin: Hey.

We were quite for a while.

Justin: Why did you kissed Jared?

Me: If you would listen to me, you knew why.

Justin: Just tell me the truth.

Me: Jared grabbed my arm and pushed me to him, i tought he was gonna to hurt me but he kissed me.

Justin: You are saying that he kissed you?

Me: Yeees and i searched for you everywhere.

I was crying but didn't stop talking.

Me: You don't know how mutch you hurt me.

He gave me a hug and we were both crying...

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