The truth

You and Justin had a relationship for 2 years but he broke up with you and you don't why. A new girl is on your School and she is youre new best friend but Justin seems to like her and you have youre new Boyfriend Jared. But everything is going to change...


2. At School

I walked in the class room and there was a new girl, she was sitting next to me.

I sit next to her and she smiled at me.

NewGirl: Hey i'm Lily.

Me: Hey i'm Y/N, you are the new student i guess.

Lily: Yes,nice to meet you Y/N.

Me: Nice to meet you too.

Mrs, Horan came in the class room, she seems very tired and she was late as usual.

Mrs. Horan: I see the new Student is here. Lily do you want to stay up and tell something about you?

Lily: Sure, well i'm Lily and i'm 16 years old. I came  from California but i moved here in New York because of my Parents.

Mrs.Horan: Nice. Y/N Can you please show Lily our School and explain her everything, if you don't mind.

Me: Yes of course.

Lily smiled at me.

i couldn't stop thinking about Justin during the lesson, i had so many questions and no answer.

I couldn't wait to talk with Justin so i just texted him.

From: Me,

To: Bestfriend<3

Justin i need to talk with you NOW! Please, i'm waiting for in the corridor,

Me: Mrs Horan can i go to the toillet please?

Mrs.Horan: Yes but don't take to long. 

I went out of the class room and waited for Justin, after a few minutes he was in the corridor.

Justin: C'mon  whats wrong Cutie?

Me: Nothing, i just need to talk with you.

Justin:  You know , you can tell me everything Babe.

Me: Its about our conversation.

Justin. Ouu i see...

Me: You wanted to say something but Jared interrupted you.

Justin: Nothing Princess.

Me: Please say it.

Justin: Why?

Me: Because i know that it is someting important.

Justin: I wanted to say, i still like you.

I was disappointed but i act normal.

Me: Ouu..well i like you too.

Justin: I know Cutie.

He gave me a hug and went back to his class room.






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