The truth

You and Justin had a relationship for 2 years but he broke up with you and you don't why. A new girl is on your School and she is youre new best friend but Justin seems to like her and you have youre new Boyfriend Jared. But everything is going to change...


21. afraid


I woke up in the morning and i walked downstaires, my mom was making breakfast.

After a while Ciara called me.

Ciara: Heey 

Me: Heey

Ciara: Thanks for leaving me alone with Ryan.

Me: How was it?

Ciara: Awkward.

Me: Why?

Ciara: We didn't talk for a while.

Me: Ooh...

Ciara: Are you ok?

Me: Just tired.

Ciara: What happend?

Me: Do you remember me and justin in the classroom and than mrs. Horan came in.

Ciara: Yea...

Me: We didn't used prevention.

Ciara: Omg Are you sure?

Me: Yes.

Ciara: Did you talked with Justin?

Me: No.

Ciara: But you have to.

Me: I know.

Ciara: Get ready for School.

Me: Sure.


I walked in the school , Justin and Ciara came over at the same time.

He kissed my cheek and whispered.

Justin: I love you babe.

I smiled.

Ciara: We need to talk.

Justin: But i need you too babe.

Me: I know babe but i can't.

Justin: Why?

Me: I need to talk with Ciara.

Justin: What about me?

Me:  We can talk later.

Justin: Fine.

He walked away, he was upset but i needed to talk with Ciara.

Ciara: He is upset.

Me: i know.

Ciara: You need to talk with him.

Me: i know but i'm afraid.

Ciara: Of what?

Me: Maybe i'm pregnant.

Ciara: Ohh i know about what! You are afraid if he doesn't support you.

I had tears on my eyes but i didn't wanted to cry in front of the others.

She gave me hug.

Ciara: He is gonna support you, he loves you! 

Me: I need to go in my classroom.

Ciara: No you can't!

Me:  Why?

Ciara: You need to talk with Justin.

Me: But i have a lesson.

Ciara: I know but you won't pay anttetion.

She was right, i couldn't stop thinking about.

I walked to the classroom and Justin was there waiting.

Justin: I wanted to see you before the lesson.

I faked a smile.

Justin:  Are you ok babe?

Me: Yea.

I couldn't talk.

He gave me a hug and kissed my hair.

Justin: You can tell me everything babe.

Mrs, Horan came in.

Mrs.Horan: Nice to see you mr Bieber.

Justin: Nice to see you too mrs. Horan.

He kissed my cheek.

Justin ( whispered): I love you babe.

He walked away.


I was sitting in the hall with Justin, Ciara and Ryan.

They were talking about something but i wasn't listening.

Justin: (Y/N)!!

Me: Sorry what?

Justin: You aren't listening.

Me: I know, i'm just tired.

Ciara: Justin do you want to have baby's?

He looked confused.

Justin ( whispered) Yes in the future with her.

I smiled and he kissed my cheek.

Ciara: What about now?

Justin: No, i'm to young.

I couldn't be there anymore, i walked away.

Justin: Babee waaait.

Everyone was looking at Justin but he didn't care.

He followed me but i was running away.

I walked at home and i locked the door of my room

Justin: Please babe open the door.

Me: No, go away.

Justin: What is going on?

Me: Nothing, just go.

Justin: Fine.

He walked away and i was crying.

i opened the door and he grabbed my arm.

Justin: Tell me babe please.

He hug me and hold me tight.

He wipe my tears away.

Me: We didn't used prevention last time.

He looked me deeply in the eyes.

Justin: I'm here for you babe no matter what.

He kissed me softly.

Justin: Did you made the pregnancy test?

Me: Not yet.

Justin: i'm gonna buy one.

He held my hands.

Justin: I would love to have a baby with you.

Me: But you said you are to young.

Justin: I know but if you are, i will support you.

He kissed my forhead and walked away.

After a while he was back with the pregnancy test.

Me: Thanks babe.

Justin: For what?

Me: Everything, i love you so much.

He smiled and kissed me softy.

I went to the bathroom and made the test.


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