One Little Lie

One Direction are taking a break from the pop-star life. The Rosewood foursome seem to be getting more trouble than expected.
So what happens when the most popular boy-band in the world meets the for unluckiest girls in this small Pennsylvanian town? Let's just say, it's not pretty! Zayn and Harry have to fight each other for Aria - and trust me, they will go to extreme limits - Liam and Spencer become close friends; okay, maybe a little more than friends, and it seems like Hannah is a little ore than just a one night stand for Louis. Oh yeah! Forgot to mention that Emily falls head over heels for Niall after being asked to show him and the boys around school. Still wondering what happened to Ezra, Caleb, and Paige??? Maybe A had something to do with this!!! Or maybe it's just fate!


1. Seems like a normal day

Aria's P.O.V

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else!!!!!!"

"Ugh!!!" I groaned as I moved my arm form under my pillow to turn off my alarm clock. There is this new boy band named 'One Direction,' and their songs are ALWAYS on the radio! I mean, I guess they are okay, but What Makes You Beautiful is literally the only song I've heard of theirs.

Today was the first day of my senior year in high school! Last year went by really slow because of all the constant threats from 'A'. No! I thought to myself. I won't let 'A' ruin this year for me! I got out of bed and pulled on my Rosewood Day slippers that I had gotten in my freshman year. Why was it so cold in my room?! 

I pulled on the brown sweater I had made while trying to teach Ali how to knit. That was 5 years ago and it still fit. Shivering, I walked over to the window, opening the blinds, only to see Spencer standing against the tree in my front yard.

"What are you doing here?! It's 6 am!"

"I'm taking you and Mike to school!" Mike was my little brother, though he wasn't so little now; he was starting his junior year today.

"I thought I told you yesterday!"

"I never got the message!" I flailed my hands, sighing, then said, "Give me 10 minutes!"

I locked my door, then walked over to my closet, pulling out the new school uniform that I had received two weeks ago. Before pulling it on, I checked my phone, thinking that there would be another message from 'A'. My heart skipped a beat when a new message popped up, but thankfully, it was from Spencer. I walked into the bathroom that connected mine and Mike's rooms, locking both doors. Just after I pulled on the uniform leggings and skirt, my phone beeped again; Just another message from Spencer.

"Hurry up! I don't want to be late! I have to go to a meeting for the Yearbook Committee!"

"I'm trying! But I doubt Mike is even awake :P"

I pounded on the door that led to Mike's room, yelling, "Wake up!!! Spencer is outside!!!" I could hear him get up, out of bed, and try to get into the bathroom.

"Wait your turn!" I finished pulling on the uniform, then put on some mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, and foundation. I made the 'pop!' noise with my lips, then unlocked the door so Mike could come in, unlocking my side to let myself out. 

I picked up my black coach purse, plopping my old-as-shit phone in the side pocket, dropping my lipstick, eye make-up, and mirror in it. I looked out my window; Spencer was sitting in her car, doing her own make-up. I closed the blinds, opened my bedroom door, and walked downstairs. Mike and I have been staying with my mom ever since that bitch of a girlfriend Meredith moved in with our dad.

"Good morning, honey!" My mom just pulled out some pop-tarts from the toaster. I poured myself a glass of milk, grabbed one of the pop-tarts, and headed out the door, after hugging my mom, saying "Love you." "Love you too, Sweetie." Spencer unlocked the car doors, only to be locking it again after I plopped myself in the passengers side. "How long will it take Mike?!" Spencer asked, snapping her mirror shut. "Just drive. Noel will probably drive by here anyway." Noel (Kahn) was another hottie in our high school; also, best friends with my brother!

Spencer agreed, pulling out of my driveway, and turning on the radio. Oh goodie! Another One Direction song! "I've never heard this song..." I thought aloud; it wasn't What Makes You Beautiful, that's for sure. "Really? It's always on the radio..." "Then how come I have never heard it? The only One Direction song I ever hear on the radio is What Makes You beautiful. So... what song is this?" "I don't know, it's a new song, but ever since it came out, it's the only song I ever hear on the radio."

"And if you-ou-ou, you want me to-o-o, let's make a mo-ove! Yeah, so tell me girl if every time we TOU-OU-OUCH! You get this kinda RU-U-USH!" I had no idea what the lyrics were to this song, but apparently Spencer did; she started singing along, and I joined in. I have to admit that it was pretty catchy! 

As if it were perfect timing, the song ended right when Spencer pulled into the school parking lot. I looked over to find Mike getting out of the Kahn brother's car, just like I predicted. Glancing back at the car, I realized I hadn't even touched the pop-tart that had looked so delicious after it emerged from the toaster. 

What am I thinking?! It's a freaking pop-tart!!!

Spencer and I walked into school, running into Emily and Hanna. "What took you so long?!" "Aria." Spencer pointed towards me, barely looking up from her book. "Spencer, it's the first day of school, we aren't going to have a quiz on anything!" "I'm not studying for a quiz! I am trying to study for the Governors' Cup!" "OMG!!!" Hanna practically squealed. "Calm down! Why are you squealing?!" "You all know One Direction, right?!" Both Emily and I groaned. 

"What?! They are really cute!!!" "Han, you have a boyfriend! Remember Caleb?!" "Yeah, but anyway.... ONE DIRECTION ARE AT OUR SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" As if on cue, five boys walked in school. I realized that all four of us were basically standing in front of the door; "Excuse me."A boy wearing plaid with a buzz cut walked passed us. After him, some Mexican with HUGE hair, and another boy with curls and green eyes walked past us. Curly grabbed my hand, pulling me along with him and his friends. I didn't see the rest of the boys, but I turned around to see Hanna squealing.

"What's your name?" He held me up against the lockers. "Aria. And I'm assuming your some kid from One Direction." "I'm 19, still consider me a kid?" "I don't know, it depends on your personality." "Well, if you let me take you out to dinner tonight, maybe you'll be able to figure it out."

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