Love Lockdown

Harry Styles Is married to his wife Isabella. The Band has broken up. Everyone has, or is trying to, settle down. The now happliy married Harry faces battles with unfaithfulness when he meets Brielle, a young seductive misstress. He sneaks around with this young girl only to find himself facing another problem. WHen something puts Harry's secret on edge, he has to make the hardest choice of his life, tell Isabella, the woman he loves so very much, about his many mistakes, or do something that would morally bring him down to keep his affair a secret.


3. Promises

             I stretched my arm out expecting to feel the warm presence of Isabella but instead I felt a cold empty space. I woke up sort of confused. I rubbed my eyes and stretched then got out of the warm loving embrace of my bed. I threw on my shirt covering my amazing abs.I walked slowly and a bit hazy down the stairs. I smelled the aroma of bacon.  I walked into the kitchen to see my tired beauty.I walked over to and wrapped my long arms around her small waist.I lent down to plant a small lingering kiss to her neck when she pushed me away.

             I watched her confused as she turned around. The beautiful smile that I was used to seeing every morning was gone.

             "Where were you all night......I went to sleep alone Harry" she said her voice harsh. I looked down upset with myself.

             "I'm sorry darling, I just lost track of time, I was just catching up with Niall" I said, my voice quiet and a little groggy. I wasn't catching up with Niall and I know that but she never would. She shook her head.

              "You could have called me Harry...or texted me...I was worried sick" she said setting a plate of food on the table

              "I'm sorry" I said trying to hug her, she pushed me away and walked to the table and sat down. She looked up at me with her normally blue eyes...they weren't a beautiful blue anymore, they were dark with anger.

              "You're so inconsiderate Harry" she said looking away from me. I didn't want to fight right now, I was too tired  and I had a bit of a hangover so I just agreed with her. I sat next to her and held her small hand in my bigger one. She lifter her head a bit and looked at me with apologetic eyes.

              "I'm sorry I'm snapping at you...I'm just tired" she said moving closer to me. I placed my arm around her neck and kissed the top of her head.

              "How about tonight I take you out to dinner just me and you...I'm all yours tonight...I promise" I said lifting her chin up smiling a bit. She smiled and leaned in and kissed me shortly and sweetly.

              "I think that would be an excellent idea" she said with that smile that I have been dying to see. It was all about Isabella tonight. I'm going to think only about her. That was a bit hard to do because all I could think about was Brielle 



 ~Stay Lovely~

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