Love Lockdown

Harry Styles Is married to his wife Isabella. The Band has broken up. Everyone has, or is trying to, settle down. The now happliy married Harry faces battles with unfaithfulness when he meets Brielle, a young seductive misstress. He sneaks around with this young girl only to find himself facing another problem. WHen something puts Harry's secret on edge, he has to make the hardest choice of his life, tell Isabella, the woman he loves so very much, about his many mistakes, or do something that would morally bring him down to keep his affair a secret.


2. Just a Feeling


            So I changed up and fixed my hair before I left to meet Niall. I kept my famous curls, I had fallen in love with them chopping them off would bring me to tears. When I approached Niall at the club, I found he too kept his hair the same. He still wore his blonde hair in that steep quiff. He smiled at me and raised his pint slightly as he saw me come his way.

            “Mate!” He smiled as I sat beside him at the bar.

            “Hey Niall, How have you been? Haven’t seen you in a while.” I laid my hand in front of me and turned my head to Niall.

            “Oh, I’ve been good” He chuckled a bit. “I see you’re still settled.” He gestured to my ring.

            “Yeah, I am. How about you? You found your girl yet?” I asked not wanting to talk about me.

            Niall shook his head. “Nah, but I’m still digging deep for her if you know what I’m saying” He chuckled

            I chuckled a bit. Niall’s accent seemed to have faded a bit, he sounds almost American.

            Niall laughed and turned in his stool facing the crowd of loud people. I did the same. And what might I see? Miss Flawless across the floor from me she was dancing with that hypnotic smile that had caught my attention when I first saw her earlier today. Niall seemed to have the same liking to her.

            “That girl over there is so fit” He said pointing to her

            “Yeah she’s really hot.” My eyes followed her every move.

            Niall chuckled and looked at me. “She’s single, you’re not mate.”

            After saying that, a young girl tapped Niall’s shoulder. She was a bit younger than him, she looked about eighteen. She had wavy black hair. She was very beautiful, not my type though. She had a bright smile on her face. She had approached us like she knew us. She probably did.

            “Sorry to bother you guys but my name is Allie and I’m such a big fan” She looked at me and Niall.

            Niall turned to her with a smug smile. “Oh, I didn’t think we had any left.” He chuckled a bit.

            I turned my attention to the beauty on the dance floor. She caught me a=staring at her this time and sent me a smile and a wink before turning away. I smiled to myself and turned back to Niall who was still chatting Allie up. He had bought her a drink.

            To myself I thought he was just trying to get her for the night, but I would never say that aloud. I keep these kinds of things to myself. They ended up exchanging number and I hopped into a picture with them and gave the girl a hug when she asked for one. She skipped off happily.

             Niall turned to me with a smile. I watched the girl on the dance floor. I so badly wanted to know her name. “Seeing as though I’m lucky with the girls tonight I’m going to chat with that girl you can’t take your eyes off of. I will show you how it’s really done.” With a smug smile he walked over to her and I watched as he made conversation with her. The music was too loud for me to hear a word they were saying and they were a bit far from me.

            Before my eyes could register what they were really seeing, I thought she was leaving. But then I realized she was walking my way, right to me with a smile across her lips. She sat beside me. Niall winked at me from afar with his thumb up. I looked at her a bit shocked.

            “Your friend over there said you can’t get your eyes off of me.” She chuckled. I could tell she was extremely confident.  Her red hair seemed to glisten from the shine of the club lights. “And I know that’s true because I caught you not to long ago” she knew I had a thing for her, she wasn’t afraid to let me know that.

            I chuckled a bit embarrassed. “Well…I…um” She stopped me before I could finish.

            “You want to dance” She continued to smile.

            I smiled too “Id love to…um”

“Brielle. My name’s Brielle.” She took my hand and guided me to the floor.

            We danced the night away together. She danced so very close to me. Before she could notice, I did take off my ring and slipped it into my pocket. I didn’t want her to find out I was married. Tonight was amazing all thanks to Brielle. She gave me her number before I left. I wasn’t sure if I would talk to her again because the guilt began to set in. I watched as Niall left with that fan and then turned back to Brielle with a smile.

“Ill call you then?” I sort of asked my statement even though I wasn’t asking her a question.

“I sure hope so” with saying that she strutted out of the club stopping only to turn and smile at me. She continued to walk out.

            By the time I got home, it was way past midnight. I had been gone for almost six hours. Isabella was already fast asleep when I changed up and got into bed. I couldn’t fall asleep though. My guilty conscious kept me up. I looked over to Issy and sighed. I felt awful, and unfaithful. I had broken the faithful vow I had made not too long ago.

            After a few hours of lying awake, I finally fell asleep.


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