Love Lockdown

Harry Styles Is married to his wife Isabella. The Band has broken up. Everyone has, or is trying to, settle down. The now happliy married Harry faces battles with unfaithfulness when he meets Brielle, a young seductive misstress. He sneaks around with this young girl only to find himself facing another problem. WHen something puts Harry's secret on edge, he has to make the hardest choice of his life, tell Isabella, the woman he loves so very much, about his many mistakes, or do something that would morally bring him down to keep his affair a secret.


4. Dinner Disaster

           I stood behind Taylor while she was looking in the mirror. I wrapped my arms around her and laid my chin on her shoulder smiling.

           "You look beautiful darling" I kissed a small part of her neck.

           She smiled at me through the mirror.

           "Thank you baby.....You look great too" She said turning to face me wrapping her arms around my neck. I smiled and leaned my forehead on hers and she smiled and kissed me. I kissed back and just held her there for a few minutes.

           She pulled away smiling "We should probably go now"

           I smiled and nodded.


                                                                                  *Later at the Restaurant*


                So far this night is going great. Just me and her talking and totally in love. I have no distractions from my beautiful wife.

                "Hi I'm Brielle I'll be your waitress for this evening Have you guys decided on drinks" I heard her beautiful voice say.

                 I looked up and saw her breathtaking face and her beautiful smile. She looked at me and smiled bigger. I smiled back and immediately looked away.

                "I'll have a Chardonnay please" Taylor said in her sweet voice.

                 Brielle smiled and nodded then looked at me "And for you" she asked with a little flirt in her voice.

                 I looked up at her and our eyes immediately locked. "Um...I will have um.....A Corona please" I said trying to find my words.

                 She smiled and nodded and her smile immediately faded when she looked down at my ring, she looked up at me with a confused look on her face.

                 I was really hoping this wouldn't happen. I looked at her and then left her gaze and looked down at my menu.

                 "Ill be right back with your drinks Mr. and Mrs. Styles" She said that part while giving me a hurt look that was mixed with pissed.

                  Me and Taylor just nodded and I watched Brielle walk away swaying her hips a bit.

                 Brielle soon came back with our drinks not paying attention to me and never meeting my gaze.

                 She left and went into the back.

                  "Taylor darling...I have to use the toilet....I'll be right back" I said and stood up.

                    She nodded and I walked away towards the back.

                    Brielle was standing up against the wall on her phone and I walked up to her.

                    "I never thought I would actually ever see you again" I said softly.                      

                     I made sure I was out of the sight of Taylor before I leaned against the wall in front of her.

                     She looked at me and shook her head.

                     "How could you not tell me you were married.....You know a guy who is happily married doesn't go to the club and take their ring off and dance with other girls....You should have told me" She said putting her phone in her pocket.

                      She was right. She was so right. I shouldn't have danced with her and I should have kept my wedding ring on.

                      "I'm sorry......Like I said I never thought I would see you again so it didn't matter at the time" I said still looking down.

                       She shook her head and looked at me.

                       "Well you are gonna see me a lot.....I leave right in the middle of London and I work here and I'm always walking around and stuff.....Just keep your distance from me because I don't mess around with married men" She said and walked away.

                         I stood there for a little while after what she had said. It kind of hurt a bit. I wanted to see her again.....I wanted to see her everyday of every hour. I shook my head and lightly hitting my head on the wall.

                         "Harry you are Married...You cant think like this" I said to myself.

                           I fixed myself and walked back to the table and sat down.

                           "Sorry for being gone so long" I said just as our food was placed down by a different waitress this time.

                           "It's fine babe" She said and smiled.

                            We started eating and I looked over and saw Brielle walking out of the restaurant with her stuff looking a bit mad.

                             I sighed and kept eating.

                            The rest of the night was just me and Taylor and it was actually really great.

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