Love Lockdown

Harry Styles Is married to his wife Isabella. The Band has broken up. Everyone has, or is trying to, settle down. The now happliy married Harry faces battles with unfaithfulness when he meets Brielle, a young seductive misstress. He sneaks around with this young girl only to find himself facing another problem. WHen something puts Harry's secret on edge, he has to make the hardest choice of his life, tell Isabella, the woman he loves so very much, about his many mistakes, or do something that would morally bring him down to keep his affair a secret.


1. Caught Up

She walked by me, didn’t even give me a second glance. I took a double-take; I had to look at her again just to be sure my eyes weren’t playing a cruel joke on me. At first sight, I didn’t think it was possible for a woman to be that beautiful. But what I saw was the truth. This nameless beauty was indeed flawless. She kept on walking. And I watched her until she was no longer in my sight. I looked towards Isabella, who still had her attention glued to the shoes in the window of a shop. I felt guilty now. A married man should never look at another woman in the way I just did.

            I took her hand and held it in my own, “Bella darling, why don’t we head on home. The sun’s gone down and it’s getting a bit chilly now.” I said looking down at her with the slightest smile on my lips. Bella looked up at me with the same smile and intertwined our fingers together. She nodded slightly and we walked off into the direction Miss. Flawless had gone off in.  I opened the car door for Isabella letting her in then got in myself. I started on our way home.

            My phone vibrated in my pocket. I casually removed it to read the message. To my surprise, it had been sent from an old friend of mine, Niall. We were once in a band together, with three others. I haven’t spoken to them since we called it quits a few years back. We all had decided it was time to settle down, it was a long run and it was about time our journey came to an end. I married Isabella about three years ago and we are currently residing here in London. Liam and Zayn married their long term girlfriends and are settled somewhere in America. Louis left a devastated Eleanor on her own when he admitted to the world he was gay; he is currently dating some actor whose name I have long forgotten. Niall, well I’m not too sure about what has been going on with him. He’s always been good with keeping under the radar when it came to the media. I’m sure he’s settled down too though.

            Niall had now, almost after three years without speaking, asked if I was free tonight. “Thought maybe we could catch up a bit” he added shortly after sending the first message.

             I turned to Isabella. “Love, would you care if I were to go out with Niall tonight I haven’t spoken to the lad in a while”

             She turned to me with her perfect never fading smile “No I wouldn’t mind at all Hun”. She tucked a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear. “Just promise me you won’t come home to late”

              I nodded “of course darling, I shouldn’t be too long, we’re going to go out for a few drinks.”

               “That’s fine babe” She smiled “when would you go?” She kept her eyes on me I kept mine to the road.

            “Probably when we get home.” I replied as I texted Niall I could meet him there.

            She nodded her head and turned back to her window. Isabella seemed to be acting distant lately. She seems upset sometimes, but then she smiles and makes me think she is alright. She doesn’t talk much lately. I’d ask her what’s up, but I don’t want to start something before I go out.

            We drove home in silence.

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