Simon Cowell Adopts Me

Taylor was left at the orphanage as a baby and never expects to be adopted, but when Simon Cowell, - aka Uncle Simon - the producer of her favourite band One direction, comes to the orphanage, she doubts that she will get adopted. She was in for a big surprise.


16. Welcome Home

"So, she can come with me?" I asked again. 

"Yes, she wont talk to anyone else and I'm sure your dad won't mind. It's just like a friend staying with you. He's not adopting or anything. But call him to be sure." Leah told me. 

"Okay." I unlocked my phone and dialled his number, it rang and rang and rang. But no one picked up. He always had his cell with him. "That's weird, he usually answers." I tried again. No answer. I called Jared instead.

"Hello, this is Jared speaking." 

"Hey, Jared, it's Taylor." 

"Oh, hi Taylor. What's up?" 

"Uh, well my friend needs a place to say and I wanted her to stay with us, but my dads not picking up. So I called you." 

"Oh, your dads away on business." 

"Oh... He didn't tell me. Can she stay with us?" 

"Sure. I'll get in contact with your dad to be sure." 

"Okay, thanks Jared." I hung up the phone and tried not to think about the fact that my dad left without telling me. I turned to Leah. "It's cool. She can come." 

"Okay. I'll fax your dad the papers." 

"No! Send them to his assistant, Jared. My dads away on business." 

"Okay." I walked back in to Zoey. 

"You can come." 


I grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the room and out of Leah's office. "You didn't bring anything here?" 

"I have one thing." 

"Okay, go get it. I'll be right here." 

She smiled and walked up to the stairs, and came down in a minute with a teddy bear in her hands, that was identical to mine that I had at home, because we'd gotten matching ones. I smiled and led her out to the car where it was waiting on the curb. I let her get in first, then climbed in the back next to her. 

"Go. We're ready. Take us home." 

I smiled at her, she smiled back. "I promise no one will hurt you with me, you can share a room with me, we can share clothes, considering I know have enough to make five outfits for everyday of the year and never use one twice." 


"I know." 


We pulled into the gates and when the car stopped we got out and Zoey followed me, wide eyed and jaw dropped. "I know right. Plus, I can get Jared, my dads assistant, to get you an iPhone 4. I've got one." 

"Is that my surprise?" 

"Oh no. It's wa-ay better than the newest Apple phone. Trust me." 

"Okay..." She followed me inside and I managed to get her up to my room without running into any of the boys, which if you hadn't figured it out, that was the surprise. One Direction. 

"I wanna get you some nice clothes. From my amazing closet." I pulled her over to it and her eyes widened even more then they already were. 

I picked out an outfit that consisted of a white jersey tank, black ripped skinny jeans, nude ankle boot platform heels and accessorized it with matching music note earrings and necklace, gave her an owl ring and left her hair down and curly, putting a pink flower crown over it. "Do you still need glasses?" 

"I wear contacts now." She told me. 

"Well take them out, if I wear mine, you wear these." I handed her a pair of black glasses like mine. She took out the contacts and put the glasses on. "There your officially done." 

She stood and admired herself in my full length mirror. "Wow, you did a good job. You're style has improved since I left." 

"When you have a closet like mine, it comes naturally." I told her with a smile. 

She smiled back at me. "Do I get to see my surprise now?" 

"Can you wait her for one minute?" 

"Of course." 

I gave her another smile and ran out of my room to find the boys. C'mon please all be here. 

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