Simon Cowell Adopts Me

Taylor was left at the orphanage as a baby and never expects to be adopted, but when Simon Cowell, - aka Uncle Simon - the producer of her favourite band One direction, comes to the orphanage, she doubts that she will get adopted. She was in for a big surprise.


14. Swimming

I walked into the living room and sat down next to Louis. "Did you know that Harry's a weirdo?" I asked casually. 

"I did. Why do you ask?" 

"Because he was just casually leaning over me with his arms holding him up on my bed." 

"That is especially weird of him, but he thinks he can woo girls by being very close and not being afraid of things, so... There's your answer." 

"Well, he won't woo me that way if that's what he's attempting. Because I don't date my father's clients. It's a new rule I've come up with." 

"And when did you come up with that?" 

"When he said I couldn't." 

"Ah, so you think it's better if it was your idea?" 

"Shut up," I punched his arm lightly and walked away into the kitchen. 

I grabbed a bag of chips and went looking for where the boys were all sleeping, so I could maybe hang out with one of them or something... I don't know. Louis was the only one in the living room and the kitchen was empty and Louis was making fun of me. 

"Taylor? What are you doing?" Asked a familiar Bradford accent. 

"Zayn! I was looking for one of you boys so that I could hang wit you." I said, attempting to be gangster. 

"Really? Well why don't we find the other boys and go swimming? You're dad has an indoor pool I heard. 

"Oh that's a great idea! And there's a hot tub too! I'll go tell Lou and Hazz!" 

So off I went to tell them, Harry heading down the hall and Louis still in the living room. After telling them, I went to change. 

A knock on my door sounded as I was about to change, so I answered it. Harry. 

"Was up?" 

"Uh, Louis and I were gonna tell you that we weren't gonna go swimming but you told us, then ran off so we didn't get the chance. So I'm telling you now for the both of us." 

"Awe... Okay, if that's what you want..." I closed the door and headed into the closet to find the bathing suits. 

In the end I picked a red bikini with fringe on it, that was just fun, and I put a blue floral beach dress over it and slid on a pair of white flip flops with a aqua bow on the front. I grabbed a purple towel and headed down. 

When I walked in, Zayn was already there waiting in one of the chairs. 

"Liam and Niall not coming?" I asked after locking the door behind me. 

"Oh, no they aren't." He answered, standing up. 

I nodded and walked over to him, noticing the room had no windows except on the door which you couldn't see the pool from. "Awe, Harry and Louis aren't either. Guess its just us..." 

"Guess so." He stripped off his black t-shirt and sat on the edge of the pool. I took off the beach dress and kicked off my flip flops and put my towel down with them, then walked around to the deep end, which was opposite where Zayn was sitting and stood getting ready to dive in when I noticed Zayn staring at me. 

"What?" I asked, my voice echoing in the large room. 


"No, what are you staring at?" 

"Nothing, okay? It's nothing." Even across the pool, I could see his blush. 

I rolled my eyes and dived in, swimming over to him, and popping up in front of him in the shallow end where the water only reached below my knees. 

"Tell me what it is, or I'll drag you into the water... In the deep end." I added as an after thought. 

"Fine. I was staring at you..." He blushed brighter. 

"What about me?" 

"Your body... You always cover it up, but you've got an amazing body." 

"Oh... Thank you." I could feel a light blush in my cheeks as well. I needed to change the subject. "Will you go in the hot tub with me?" 

"Uh..." He glanced at the hot tub which was near the deep end and was obviously thinking about it, "Sure."

I beamed at him and climbed out of the water and grabbed his wrist and dragged him over to the hot tub with me. After slowly climbing down into the water and dragging him in, he seemed to relax a bit and sat down on the seat in the water where it came to just below his collarbone and covered my shoulders completely. So not fair. 

"See, it's not so bad..." 

"Well, this isn't deep..." 

"Are you kidding? It covers my shoulders completely when I sit on my knees!" 

"You're just short!" 



I pouted and crossed my arms. "Whatever." 

He scooted around the seat till he was next to me and didn't say anything. But he was sitting right next to me, and I mean right next to me. I could feel our legs touching and I could feel the water moving around as he fiddled with his hands the same way I did when I was nervous or thinking about something. Like I'm doing right now, I thought when I looked down at my lap. 

"Uh, Taylor... Can I... Tell you something?" He asked, looking really worried. 

"Sure, Zayn, anything. I'm all ears." I turned to face him, still sitting on my knees. 

"Well... For a while now - and I know we haven't been here that long - I've had this feeling in my gut whenever-" He was interrupted by someone banging on the door to the pool. 

"One minute." I told him, getting out and grabbing my towel, wrapping it around myself as I walked over to the door and unlocked and opened it. It was my dad. 

"Why was the door locked?" 

"Because I didn't want any of the workers to come in and interrupt... Me." 


"I was practising my laps in case I wanted to take up a sport, which would be swimming." I lied. 

"Oh... Well, the orphanage just called and said that a girl named you used to know from there was back, and she wouldn't talk or anything. The first thing she said was; 'Where's Taylor?' and she wont speak unless it's to you." 



Okay, but it's contest time again!

Again, you cannot enter if you've won in the past, yada yada. 

What is the name of the boys first album, second album and third album? 

First to answer leave your name, age and a brief description of yourself (Or a character of yours) and personality.  

Twitter: Lizzeloves1D 

KiK: LizzyStiles6969






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