Simon Cowell Adopts Me

Taylor was left at the orphanage as a baby and never expects to be adopted, but when Simon Cowell, - aka Uncle Simon - the producer of her favourite band One direction, comes to the orphanage, she doubts that she will get adopted. She was in for a big surprise.


26. Ruined

My dad had dragged Zayn and I up to his study by our ears and then sent someone to get us towels. 

Now we were sitting across the room from each other, both looking guilty and both sopping wet. And I'm pretty sure my lips were still kiss swollen. 


"Taylor, I told you that you weren't allowed to date my clients. What part of that didn't you understand?" He demanded. 

"I understood it all, I promise, but you can't expect me to not date one of them! If they showed interest in me, and oh, I'm just making a scenario, one of them was to kiss me, and tell me that they loved me. What do you want me to do then? Reject them? Tell them that I can't be with them because my daddy said that I couldn't? It's a load of bull!" I yelled, standing out of my chair and using my hands to gesture things. 

"That's exactly what I expect you to do! I gave you one rule. One. And you break it!" He stood as well, slamming his hands on the desk.

"Dad! Do you not understand the concept, here? Zayn and I? We love each other! Why can't I date one of your clients?" 

"Because I said so, alright?" 

"No! It's not alright! I love Zayn, and in fact, I'm in love with him! How did you find out?" 

"Harry told me." 

"That little snitch..." I grit my teeth together, then focused on the problem on hand. "What do you want us to do? Break up?" I asked. "That's likely." I said the last part with as much sarcasm as I could possibly fit into one little sentence. 

"That's exactly what I want you to do." 

"No. It's not happening. I don't care anymore." 

"It will. And if it doesn't then you'll be grounded missy." 

"Ooh. Do I look like that will have any effect on me? I lost my parents when I was five! I spent eleven years in an orphanage, praying every night someone would come and take me away, show me what a family was all about. I waited eleven-bloody-years! And I see what good that praying did!" I shouted tears rushing down my face as I ran out of his study and towards my room, but bumping into someone in the hallway. 

"You." I said to Harry. 


"You're an arse! I hate you! How could you tell my dad about me and Zayn? If you had one shred of self dignity left, you'd get the hell out of here before I kill you! I was happy, finally. After years of solitude, and then you. You tell my dad that Zayn and I are together. How could you?" I screamed and ran past him, ignoring his attempts to call after me. 

I didn't stop till I was in my room, the door locked and I was sobbing into my pillow. 

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