Simon Cowell Adopts Me

Taylor was left at the orphanage as a baby and never expects to be adopted, but when Simon Cowell, - aka Uncle Simon - the producer of her favourite band One direction, comes to the orphanage, she doubts that she will get adopted. She was in for a big surprise.


13. Harry's a Wierdo.

I'd picked up the book again and began to read, since Harry obviously didn't want to talk and the rest of the boys were probably busy.

After a while I got up and put the book away. When I climbed back onto the bed, I laid down and closed my eyes. I felt shifting around on the bed and the something made the room go dark, or at least what I could tell with my eyes closed.

I opened my eyes and Harry was over me, just casually.

"Whatcha doin' Hazz?" I asked.

"Just chillin'."

"Not the most comfortable position though."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"You're using just arm strength, like when you do a push up. Except you're keeping your arms straight, so it's harder."

"Are you saying I'm not strong?"

"No, I'm saying that as much as you are strong, after a while you will get tired."

"And what happens then?"

"You fall."


I slid out from under him and walked out of my room.

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