Simon Cowell Adopts Me

Taylor was left at the orphanage as a baby and never expects to be adopted, but when Simon Cowell, - aka Uncle Simon - the producer of her favourite band One direction, comes to the orphanage, she doubts that she will get adopted. She was in for a big surprise.


3. Guests.

I woke up on the comfiest bed in the world and instantly wondered why.

Then I opened my eyes and it came rushing back. 

I'd been adopted. By Simon Cowell. 

I got up and my feet touched a soft, plush carpet and I walked over to the desk across the room and opened the laptop the was sitting on it and booted it up. 

It came on and I clicked on Google Chrome and logged into my lonely facebook where I mostly played games. 

I couldn't concentrate and shut it down. 

I grabbed a baggy sweater and pulled on some slippers from the now full walk in closet and went to explore. 

Wandering around I looked down and fully realized what I was wearing. The top was a batman tank, and plaid pajama shorts that I had brought with me and the sweater was cream coloured and the slippers were pink moccasin slippers that had a cute black bow. 

I wandered into the kitchen where a chef was making bacon, eggs and pancakes and my Dad was sitting at a round table reading the newspaper. 

"Morning Dad," I said as I sat down.

He looked over the paper and smiled at me, "Morning Sweetie."

The chef dumped two pancakes onto my plate and before he could put anything else on I said, "I'm a vegetarian and I don't like eggs." 

I grabbed some syrup that had appeared  on the table and poured it over my pancakes then I took the fork and knife and started eating.

After a while, Dad broke the silence. 

"I'm having a few clients, coming to stay for a while."

"Cool. Who?"

"I'm pretty sure you know them, One Direction?"

"Seriously?" He nodded. "That's amazing! I love them!" 

"I was hoping, so."

He got up and kissed the top of my head as he passed me on his way back to his study. 

I got up and followed. 

"When are they getting here?"

Before he could answer, five boys burst into the room and stopped dead when they saw me. 

I blushed and pulled the sweater around me a bit more. 

It was One Direction.

"Who are you?" Louis asked.

"I'm his daughter," I pointed to my dad.

"I didn't know he had a daughter." Liam said. "I like your shirt by the way!"

"I didn't," Dad said standing up. "I adopted her yesterday."

"Oh!" They all chorused.

"Can we shop referring to me as he or daughter or something? I have a name!" I exclaimed.

"You do!" Louis mock exclaimed. 

"Yes!" I retorted putting my hands on my hips, with enough sass to make Louis jealous. "And it's Taylor."

For added effect I pushed past them and up to my room. 

As soon as the door closed I burst out laughing.

I kept laughing as I got dressed into a gray t-shirt with the British flag on it and some purple skinnys, with a pink and black varsity jacket over top. I put my directioner necklace on and my black sparkly arrow ring and a charm bracelet I assumed was from Dad before pulling my hair up into a high pony, putting my glasses on and slipping the slippers back on.

Grabbing my phone I headed back to Dad's study where the boys had exited. 

"Dad? Can I have a One Direction phone case for my phone?" 

"Sure sweetie, I have a couple other things for you as well." 

He handed me a white case with cartoon versions of them on the back and I snapped it on my phone. 

Dad pulled out a red card and handed it to me. "This is your credit card, and your itunes is hooked up to my bank account on your phone and you can buy whatever you like." 

"Thanks!" I exclaimed and bounded out of the room, hiding the credit card between the back of my phone and the front of the phone case as I walked into the living room and stopped in the doorway to put the phone in the pocket of my jacket. 

"Nice jacket Taylor," said a voice from the living room. 

"Thanks!" I said as I looked to where the voice was coming from. 

Yeah, it was Zayn Malik. 

I acted cool as I went and sat on the free chair that I had claimed last night and when I looked up all the boys were in the room. 

"You guys move fast!" 

"Yeah, Niall like a puma!" Niall exclaimed. 

I couldn't help but laugh. I'd heard that so much!

"So you're a directioner?" Zayn asked me.

I nodded and held up the necklace and showed them the phone case. 

"So you got any music on their yet?" 

I shook my head. "No, I just got it yesterday and it was kind of a big day, I mean getting adopted after twelve years is a big enough shock but finding out it's Simon freaking Cowell? That's another thing."

"We know how you feel," Harry said, speaking up for the first time.

"How would you-? Oh right! The record deal!"

They nodded.

"So how many numbers you got in their right now?" Harry asked. 

"My dad's work and cell and Jared's. So... Three."

"Wanna make it eight?"

"Uh.... Sure," I tossed my phone to Harry and he tossed me his. Then I got Louis, then Niall, then Zayn and finally Liam's, then Harry passed me back my phone and I looked at the contacts. 




Bradford Bad Boi


"Niall! Harry out you in here as Potato, what can I change it to?"

"Nialler?" He said as he attacked Harry.

"Okay," and I changed it to Nialler. 

I smiled and started adding some apps. I got Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Kik. 

I logged into Facebook and got all the rest of them and then scrolled through Twitter following all the boys and some other celebrities that I liked. 

Interesting day. 


Like it? Hate it? 

Twitter: Lizzeloves1D

Kik: LizzyStiles6969

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