Simon Cowell Adopts Me

Taylor was left at the orphanage as a baby and never expects to be adopted, but when Simon Cowell, - aka Uncle Simon - the producer of her favourite band One direction, comes to the orphanage, she doubts that she will get adopted. She was in for a big surprise.


10. Bump!

I still couldn't believe that Niall thought Harry and I were dating. Pfft. Yeah. The boys are just my friends, sure it felt reassuring and safe when Harry had put his arm around me last night but we were sleeping on a couch and I could have fallen off.

I pushed the thoughts from my mind as I put my dishes in the sink and went back to my room to change.

I changed into a three quarter sleeve shirt, with a light orange sleeves, the rest white and a large number fifteen in the middle. My jeans were vertical striped white and the same orange from my shirt. After I was dressed I put bright pink 'nerd' glasses on, which didn't match my outfit at all. 

A knock on my door surprised me but I yelled, "Come in!" Anyways. 

In walked Zayn, shirtless. Fantastic. No seriously, the view was fantastic, he had a six-pack. No wonder he takes so many photos shirtless. Like jeez. 

"Hi Zayn," I said, working hard to keep my voice steady. 

"Hey Taylor. I wanted to talk to you." He sat down on the stool next to me. 

"Uh, sure... What about?" I asked him, looking at him for a minute before acting like I was trying to find something. 

"Well, last night." 

"What about it?" I asked, keeping my voice from wavering.

"Did... Did you and Harry... You know, like..." He struggled with the words and I looked under my desk for the imaginary object. Finally he sighed and took a deep breath. "Did you and Harry have sex!" He blurted. 

I snapped my head up, forgetting that I was under the desk. "Ow! God!" I exclaimed as I moved out from under the desk. 

"Oh my gosh! Are you okay Taylor?" He asked. 

"Yes, and to answer your question. No." I held the back of my head. "I can practically feel the bump growing!" 

"Can I help, in any way..?"

"Yeah, go get my dad please, and if he's with Brianna, tell him something, so she'll stay there. I don't wanna scare her." 

"Okay," he rushed out of the room and I made it to my bed and sat down waiting.

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