Just one more chance

A teenage girl and her friend live with one direction, Jade and Skylar-mae.
Jade's father is 1D's manager so they get backstage passes and get to go to concerts for free.
they are huge fans of them and are in love with them and their personalities.
Will the boys love them back? will Jade's dad approve?
Read to find out!


6. Whats happening?!

Harry's P.O.V


why would he do that? lots of thoughts and questions came into my mind as I picked up jade bridal style and gently laid her down on her bed then tucked her in and got an ice pack for her head. once I placed it softly on her her I took my shirt off and layed down next to her and softly sang little things and eventually  fell asleep myself. about 2 hours later I woke to some one groaning I instantly shot up and looked at jade she was rolling around on the floor moaning in pain. I didn't know what to do so I screamed for Zayn. He came running in within seconds and rushed straight to jade. "Jade, jade what's the matter??" he asked softly . she sat there bawling her eyes out. what was the matter?


Jade's P.O.V


OMFG ! MY FACE HURTS SO BAD!! Zayn screamed at me "JADE YOUR FACE IS RED AND BLEEDING!!!"  I thought about it and my face was wet and then I think I fainted cuz the next thing I saw was the boys and sky around my hospital bed crying there eyes out. what's the matter with them I only blacked out for 15 mins? I finally peeped up and said " guys why are you crying? its only been 15 mins!" they looked up at me and saw I was smiling and they sobbed and wiped their tears and all got out except from Zayn. he started to stutter and finally managed to say " hunny I don't know how to say this but your a quarter of your brain has malfunctioned and its the part of how you talk you will stutter from now on until 7-8 years when your fully healed..." I gasped then I said " c-c-ca-a-ann I s-ee h-h-h-har-r-r-rry p-p-p-pleas-s-se?" he nodded then went to get him. What if he doesn't love me?

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