Just one more chance

A teenage girl and her friend live with one direction, Jade and Skylar-mae.
Jade's father is 1D's manager so they get backstage passes and get to go to concerts for free.
they are huge fans of them and are in love with them and their personalities.
Will the boys love them back? will Jade's dad approve?
Read to find out!


2. The concert

Jade's P.O.V:


I was soo exited ! I'm backstage from a one direction concert with my ultimate BFF! Skylar-mae Roberts! Oh, did I say what my name was? I don't think so anyways its Jade stewart ! 1D are currently singing my absolute faveourite 1D song! C'mon C'mon! it is so catchy! Sky and I are dancing our butts off and singing along, but then my father had to come over and ruin it! He said that we have to calm down or don't come again. Ever. Sooo unfair! My dad is One direction's new manager so they are staying at mine and sky's house, which is very fun but annoying! We used to be able to walk around in our underwear but now we have to be completely clothed because well, there boys! Anyways as soon as my dad came over we stopped and started to giggle as soon as we looked at each other. Just don't ask. We are CRAZY!!! I stopped giggling and paid attention to the concert to only see Hazza laughing and winked at me. I blushed bright red. I have a huge crush on him, but for him not for his fame! When c'mon c'mon was finished harry laughed into the microphone "Okay so the concert is nearly finished but before we go, I saw our family friends dancing and singing along with us so im goning to go get them to perform with us!" I screamed as harry came towards me and picked me up bridal style. I think I was blushing while heavily breathing because he giggled and bent down and kissed my forehead. When he put me down Liam grabbed hold of me as Harry was going to get Sky. I whispered to him " Liam, why is harry doing this to me?" Liam laughed "Isn't it obvious? he likes you! " I fainted inside but decided to faint when we go back home instead. As soon as harry came back the music started and c'mon c'mon yet again played. Me and sky danced when the chourus came up and we sang along. It was sooo much fun! I recommend it to you! When we were done everyone clapped and we walked off stage, but the thought of harry over whealmed me so much I fainted on my way off stage. I'm not 100% sure what happened but I woke up in my bed with sky sitting next to me throwing questions at me.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~AUTHORS NOTE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

hey! how the first chapter? I sense some love between jade and harry! LOL! so exited ! ttyl!


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