Just one more chance

A teenage girl and her friend live with one direction, Jade and Skylar-mae.
Jade's father is 1D's manager so they get backstage passes and get to go to concerts for free.
they are huge fans of them and are in love with them and their personalities.
Will the boys love them back? will Jade's dad approve?
Read to find out!


1. Introducing the characters

Ok hi I'm Jade and im really new at this so please don't hate! I will be uploading this movella as much as possible! but I do have a life so here are the main characters in this story:


 NAME:Jade Stewart

AGE: 17

HAIR: brown with red tips


FAVE BAND: one direction



NAME: Skylar-mae Roberts

AGE: 16

HAIR: Black


FAVE BAND: one direction



so those are the two main characters apart from one direction obviously! so if you want to read my fan fic please like and favourite thanks!


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