Just one more chance

A teenage girl and her friend live with one direction, Jade and Skylar-mae.
Jade's father is 1D's manager so they get backstage passes and get to go to concerts for free.
they are huge fans of them and are in love with them and their personalities.
Will the boys love them back? will Jade's dad approve?
Read to find out!


4. Harry's confession

Jade's P.O.V


uh. Sky could be SUCH a chatterbox! she was literally screaming at me so much I could barely take it in! "are you ok?" "what caused for you to faint?" I started to weep so loud that was when the boys ran in and harry rushed to my side and gave me a hug singing into my hair. I managed to stop then sky apologised and asked the boys what was up with me. I giggled silently and looked up at Liam. he looked at me too knowing what I was thinking. Louis blurted out " OOH LIAM AND JADE SITTING IN A TREE K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" I screamed back "NO I DON'T LOVE LIAM LIKE THAT!!! I LIKE SOMEONE ELSE!" I instantly regretted what I had just said and blushed while getting up with a change of clothes and went into the bathroom to change. when I went back into my room sky looked at me depressed and sighed " What's wrong with you at the moment?" I buried my head into my pillow and hear the door open and see harry's soft curls peek through. " Jade can I talk to you?" harry asked. I simply nodded and patted the spot next to me on the bed. " we need to talk, I don't know how to say this" we both said simutaniously we giggled coming closer... and closer.. until I closed the gap between us. WOW. that was the best kiss I have ever had! fireworks were going off everywhere! It got so passionate and we kissed for at least 3 minutes and he smiled into the kiss he was so beautiful. when we eventually pulled apart, I smiled and he said with his forehead against mune "Jade Malik would you do the honour of being my beautiful girlfriend?" I smiled and crashed my lips into his and said into the kiss" yes yes  a million times yes!" . we decided to head downstairs hand in hand. What other way could we tell them? Then I realised my dad was down there and he glared at harry and back at me and dropped his tea on the floor and excused himself. I gasped and roughly kiss harry on the lips then ran off to my dad.

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