Just one more chance

A teenage girl and her friend live with one direction, Jade and Skylar-mae.
Jade's father is 1D's manager so they get backstage passes and get to go to concerts for free.
they are huge fans of them and are in love with them and their personalities.
Will the boys love them back? will Jade's dad approve?
Read to find out!


5. Brutal beatings

I followed him and reached the kitchen he then blurted it out " WHAT THE HELL JADE?! I SAID NO DATING THE BOYS! AND YOU GO AND FUCKING DO IT! YOU SLUT!"  and with that he smacked me and I sobbed but didn't cry. his words were like knifes stabbing my heart simultaneously . then the pain over took me he had always been the perfect dad."DAD I HAPPENS TO BE THAT ME AND HARRY ARE WELL AND TRULY IN LOVE AND NOTHING YOU DO CAN STOP US!" I was shocked at what I said then I deserved what came next. he punched me five times in the face and I ran out screaming in pain my lip busted and nose probably broken. I saw a blurry figure that had curls most likely hazza rush over to me and a girl probs sky and then I fell hard on the stairs and fell down landing with a cry for help and yet again a scream I heard my dad yell " JADE! MY DARLING!" I managed to scream " don't call me that you hit me!" harry swore many times then pushed him out my house then next thing I blacked out. again.

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