1D imagines

hey guys i'm writing some imagines if you want one comment your name and what you want to happen ( first meeting, proposing, ect.) and what boy you want. I will try my best to make one for each of you!


2. imagine #1

imagine for maggie567-

you were walking at a park when something hits your leg. it was a soccer ball. you see a teenage looking boy run to you. "sorry about that, what's your name love?" he asked. "I'm Maggie." you replied. "I'm Harry." he said. his beautiful eyes staring into yours. "I know we just met but, do you want to go out sometime?" he asked. "of course." you say. you gave him your number and he gave you yours. when you started going him said, " Maggie, I've never seen someone as beautiful as you!" then he ran off.

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