bully effect

when katy finds herself into trouble with her bully she ends up falling in love with him.after all he did to her she knows she has feelings for him and her bestie wont be happy when she finds out she had a crush on her boyfriend


3. school sucks

"hey katy wait up"i turned around to see who it was and i saw Alice comming towards me

"oh hey alice"i said as i continued to walking."why dont you want to sign up for cheerleading"she said."i already told you now please stop bugging me"i said."but katy its awsome"she said."oh IT IS how come?"i said "well you get very sexy uniforms"she said."oh thats great"i said sarcasticly."fine be that way katy"she said sticking out her tongue."dont be such a baby Alice"i said laughing she always makes me laugh.as me and Alice continued walking to school we bumbed into louis(a very cute boy at school)."hey louie"said Alice."um hi"he said while looking at me."lets go Alice we dont want to be late"i said.


As i was walking to my locker i saw liam and his group of of jerks so i immediatley turned around but i was too late."KATE where are you heading"he said."none of your buisness jerk"i said."woah there babe no need to be harsh"he said as he was walking towards me.i started to walk away but he grabbed my arm and pulled me by the arm making me fall.

"WHAT THE FUCK LIAM"i said getting up."opps sorry babe...wait never mind i'm not biatch"he said as he and his friends started laughing.i got up and left leaving the jerks.i hate liam so much.

i went to my first class which unfortunetly i had with liam and he sat two desk away from me."ugg"i whispered to myself.When i entered class i decided to sit in the back away from him.when liam came in he sat at the front of the class next to two girls a blonde and a brunnete.i cheered in my mind cause for 30 minutes he wouldn't tease me i would have peace. 

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